izone™ Z3 12" Hybrid Softside Waterbed


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  • 12" total mattress height
  • Plush foam filled calibrator tubes create a 'gel-like' contouring feel
  • 2" waffle cut cooling gel memory foam comfort layer allows for contouring, pressure free support
  • 3.5" eco-friendly CertiPUR-US® antimicrobial engineered latex provides instant responsiveness
  • Ventilating oval cut channels encompass the calibrator tubes and allow for refreshing air flow
  • 6.5" eco-friendly CertiPUR-US® antimicrobial support foam provides durable support
  • Built-in bed bug barrier keeps bed bugs and dust mites out of your mattress
  • Double-head zipper makes for easy off and easy on mattress cover
  • Removable washable cover ensures your bed remains clean and hygienic
  • Will fit on a traditional bed frame or platform bed
  • Uses same standard sheets as an innerspring mattress
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Pair your new softside waterbed with an optional universal foundation or heavy duty platform bed frame

Amazing Comfort

  • Relieves pressure points for a more restful, deep, undisturbed sleep
  • Water-filled calibrators enclosed inside the 7 oval channels on each side of the bed provide instant conformability to every part of your body
  • A top layer of 'free-floating' memory foam allows for unrestricted contouring, providing a wonderful plushness on the surface of the bed

Individual Adjustability

  • Each side of the bed can be adjusted so both sleepers get the support they need
  • Each zone can be filled independently to the firmness level you prefer
  • The bed automatically adjusts as you change sleep positions
  • Your size and sleep position will determine the support level you need

Unparalleled Support

  • 7 Zones from head to toe on each side of the bed
  • No better element than water to offer contouring support (over 1/2 of our bodies are made of water!)
  • Fill each tube with water at your faucet to the firmness level you want
  • Water filled tubes self adjust to your body weight, type and position

Temperature Neutral

  • Ventilated open cell memory foam promotes refreshing air flow
  • Air Flow System keeps you cool all night long
  • Water filled tubes eliminate body heat upon contact
  • The channel vents create a 'bellow' system that circulates air and releases excess heat

izone Waterbed FAQs

It is very easy. Simply remove the calibrator(s) from the izone bed that are in the zone that you would like to adjust. Take to the faucet and either fill or empty to the firmnes level marked on the calibrator and place back into its zone.

We recommend that you input your data into our app, izone matrix. You can also call our toll free customer service line (844) 718-6722 and verbally tell us your information. We will input your data and advise your recommended fill levels via email or on the phone. We recommend you begin your test rest with the recommended fill levels. It is easy to adjust the fill levels by adding or taking out water from the
calibrator tubes.

It depends on how full you wish to fill the calibrator. On average a Queen calibrator will weigh about 6 lbs. when filled.

No. Your calibrators are manufactured with a biocide tablet which will keep your water clean. Your calibrator tube is sealed and never exposed to air, so there is no evaporation of the water.

No. The calibrator tubes are made from a very thick, durable specially formulated PVC material which is very difficult to puncture or break. The tubes are housed in channel vent foam chamber which surrounds and protects it from sharp objects.

Yes. Because the calibrator tubes are aligned horizontally in the channel vent chambers, the water in the calibrators will be held in place even when the head area or leg area are elevated. There is no metal in an izone bed so it is not damaged when articulating the power base.

Yes. We suggest removing the calibrator tubes from the mattress and marking each with your name and the zone number. The zone at the head of the mattress is zone 1 or Z1. The zone at the foot of the mattress is zone 7 or Z7. We do not suggest draining the calibrator tubes as you can place all 7 calibrators in one box which will weigh less than 50 lbs. and can be reasonably carried. The izone bed can be easily carried and moved without the calibrator tubes in the mattress.

No. An izone softside waterbed used regular sheets and bedding and looks like an ordinary mattress.

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