Nautica Home 12" Hyacinth Multi Zone FlexAire Bed - 6 Chamber Number Bed


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  • Six-Zone Technology Ensures Personalized Comfort for Each Side of the Bed
  • Separate Adjustment of the Lumbar Area
  • Cooling Ice Lux™ Fabric Cover
  • Removable, Washable/Dry Cleanable Cover Provides a Hygienic Sleep Surface
  • 2.5" Cooling Gellux® Engineered Latex Foam Combines Liquid Gel with Engineered Latex for Cool, Responsive Comfort
  • Certified Eco-Friendly Foam Manufacturing
  • 9.5" High Density Foam Perimeter Support Tray Prevents Edge Sag
  • Heavy Duty TPU Air Cores Provide More Durable and Flexible Support Than Rubber Air Cores with No 'Rubber' Odor
  • Two Wired Digital LCD Hand Controls Come Standard and Allow For Individual Adjustment
  • Adjust Each Zone from 1 to 100 in Single Digit Increments
  • 12" Total Mattress Height
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Nautica Home 6-zone Number Beds provide separate lumbar support, a feature Sleep Number® does not share.

Nautica Home offers 6-zone adjustable sleep systems with 3 air chambers per side, while Sleep Number® only sells 2-zone sleep systems with a single air chamber per side. Nautica Home 6-zone Number Beds offer the same side to side adjustability as Sleep Number®, but unlike their 2-zone sleep system, you can independently adjust the support level of your sensitive lumbar area separately from the head and foot zones.

The precisely calibrated 4 port Nautica Home pump allows you to switch between adjusting the head and foot zone to adjusting the lumbar zone on each side of the bed. The highly sensitive computerized software will adjust the level of support in single digit increments from 1 to 100 in each zone. This is 100 different comfort settings from soft to firm for your head, lumbar and feet, so you can get the exact feel you want, not just one that is ‘good enough’. Sleep Number® only has a 2 port pump with one adjustable zone per side.

A Sleep Number® Bed also only adjusts in increments of 5, from 5 to 100, for only 20 comfort levels per side.

If you would like pressure relief for your shoulders, but also need more support for your lower back and hip region, a Nautica Home 6-zone Number Bed is the best bed for you. For example, you can set the Comfort Index®for your shoulders to 37 and set the Comfort Index® in your lumbar area to 74 and you will have twice the support in the center of the mattress.

NO. Nautica Home uses ‘whisper quiet’ air pump technology. Once you set your Comfort Index® to the precise level of comfort and support you prefer, the airtight, RF welded air chambers will maintain that pressure throughout the night. You really can set it and forget it! The Nautica Home pump does not need to turn on and off as you are trying to sleep to maintain pressure.

Sleep Number® promotes ‘responsive air technology’ that monitors your movements throughout the night. When you first get in bed it takes a pressure reading, then rechecks once an hour throughout the night. Responsive Air will adjust the bed as you sleep, automatically turning on and off the pump in the middle of the night. Research indicates that any type of non-consistent motion, noise, or other subtle changes while you sleep will often interrupt the deep sleep stage that your body needs.

YES. Nautica Home foams meet the standards of the CertiPUR-US® program. You can read more about the certification process by Clicking Here.

ABSOLUTELY. The Nautica Home Number Bed becomes so much more versatile when you add an adjustable base. You will not only get a more comfortable night's sleep, but will find it easier to read, watch TV, surf the internet and more. Users of adjustable bases report relief from back and neck problems, acid reflux, as well as improve breathing, reduced snoring, and better circulation.

NO. The Independent air chambers in the Nautica Home Number Bed help isolate motion between each side. The additional top foam comfort
layers also work to absorb motion. And if you choose a new Nautica Home Number Bed, your partner can adjust their Comfort Index® settings from plush to firm for much better comfort and support, so no more tossing and turning! Nautica Home truly is the best bed for couples.

6-Zone Technology

Most adjustable sleep systems, including the popular Sleep Number® Bed, only offer dual zone beds with no option for extra lumbar support, which is essential for the health of your back. The six zone Nautica Home sleep systems with separate lumbar adjustability allow you to control the support level of your lumbar area separately from your head and feet to help relieve back pain and stress.

Precise Comfort Control

The advanced, precisely calibrated computerized technology of the Nautica Home Number Bed provides you with 100 levels of adjustability for each zone of your mattress. No other air bed manufacturer, including Sleep Number®, offers this exacting degree of adjustability. You can fine tune your firmness levels in both the head/foot and lumbar sections in single digit increments from 1 to 100.

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