Foam Filled Waterbed Tubes
Foam Filled Waterbed Tubes

Foam Filled Waterbed Tubes

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These are replacement tubes for a softside waterbed mattress. Not certain if you have a foam filled tube? Open the valve of your tube. If you see white, fiber like material inside, you have a foam filled tube. Softside waterbed replacement tubes sold as sets only. Shallow fill replacement waterbed tubes fit a 4" shallow fill softside waterbed mattress.

Each foam filled waterbed tube comes with one (1) waterbed conditioner tablet already pre-placed inside each tube. We recommend that you add replacement waterbed conditioner tablets once per year.

  • Foam filled tubes reduce side-to-side and head to toe motion
  • Allows for adjustable firmness level
  • Fill level marks printed on each tube makes it easy to gauge your desired firmness level
  • Easily fill at faucet; only 35lbs. each full
  • Replacement softside waterbed tubes are sold as sets only
  • Twin Softside Waterbed Tube Set = 5 tubes
  • Double/Full Softside Waterbed Tube Set = 7 tubes
  • Queen Softside Waterbed Tube Set = 8 tubes
  • King Softside Waterbed Tube Set = 10 tubes
  • 4 year full, 11 year prorated warranty