nervous couple looks over mattress return policy

What if I don’t like the mattress I recently purchased?

Shopping for a new mattress can be overwhelming because of the fear of buying the wrong bed.   It may seem like an arduous task. Although you have done your research and have taken the beds for a test drive, there can be the anxiety of getting it home and realizing you are not comfortable on the mattress you purchased.

At The Bedroom Store, not only do we make purchasing your mattress easy, but returning or exchanging it as well.  Let’s face it, the real test of how well your new mattress works for your body is sleeping on it over a period of time.

Find the right mattress for your needs

The Bedroom Store wants to ensure that you are 100% happy with the mattress you purchase. Unlike other retailers, we offer service after the sale.  We realize that it is the most important piece of furniture in your house and is going to affect the way you feel on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that there is a break in period when you purchase a new mattress.  Whether you bought a new mattress because your old one was worn out, you need a different comfort and support level than you currently have or simply just need a different size, your current mattress is what your body is used to. 

Often times if you are changing the type of bed you are used to it will take some time to get used to the new feel.  For instance, if you have been sleeping on an innerspring mattress for the past ten years and have decided to switch to memory foam, it is going to take your body time to adjust to the new feel. Because of this, you need to sleep on your mattress for thirty days before returning or exchanging. Think of it as buying a new pair of shoes. Although you may have purchased a very expensive pair of shoes, they are still going to require a breaking in period.

I don't like the mattress I recently purchased. What options do I have?

So, your thirty days has passed and you are still not happy with your new mattress.  What do you do? There is no need to worry- at The Bedroom Store we make this an easy process.  We offer a 90 night sleep guarantee. That means you have anywhere from 30 days up to three months to return or exchange your new mattress, hassle free.  Simply come back to the store and reselect or return.  The only requirement is that you must sleep on the mattress for 30 days and there will be a small restocking fee of $100.

But, you may be asking yourself what about other mattress retailers.  Their fees and rules vary based from company to company.

  • Mattress Direct:

    Mattress Direct does not offer any returns.  Period.  And keep in mind, not only do they charge $99.99 for the exchange, but you must re-select a mattress of equal or greater value. At The bedroom Store you can re-select within any price range and simply pay the difference or be refunded the difference.  Mattress Direct’s exchange policy is built around you spending more money, and not necessarily more comfort.

  • Mattress Firm:

    Unlike Mattress Direct, Mattress Firm does offer both exchanges and returns. However, their fee is $149. And not only will you have to pay $149, you will not be refunded your original delivery fee which is $49.99 for a regular delivery and $79.99 for next day delivery. Therefore, after returning or exchanging you can be out as much as $228.00. At The Bedroom Store, local delivery is free, making the only charge you will have made for a return is the $100.00 restocking fee, which includes the pick up of the mattress.

  • Macy’s:

    Macy’s department store has one of the most expensive return/exchange fees.Not only do they charge $85.00 to pick up the mattress you are returning or exchanging, they charge a 15% preference fee, making it quite pricey to reselect. Also, a mattress should be purchased at a retailer that only deals in bedding to ensure your chances of getting the right mattress the first time around. Often, Macy’s salespeople travel from department to department and rather than getting help from a sleep expert you are being helped by someone that has very little mattress knowledge.

Keep these factors in mind while shopping for your new mattress. It is not advisable to purchase from any retailer that offers no returns or exchanges. A mattress is the only piece of furniture in your home that affects you how feel on a daily basis and your overall health, therefore you do not want to purchase something that you are essentially “stuck” with.  Choose a retailer, such as The Bedroom Store, that offers up to a 90 day comfort guarantee that is hassle free. 

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