RespondaFlex 5105 10" Memory Foam Mattress & 800 Adjustable Base


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RespondaFlex 5105 10" Memory Foam Mattress:

Cooling Air Flow Gel™ Memory Foam provides cool comfort while the engineered latex foam provides additional support.

800 Adjustable Base:

Experience the health and comfort benefits of the Adjusta-Flex 800 Upholstered Adjustable Base. With its wide array of features and full range of head and foot positions, you can create the sleep experience that is entirely your own.

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RespondaFlex 5105 10" Memory Foam Mattress:

2" Cooling Air Flow Gel™ Memory Foam

Larger self-ventilating openings throughout the cells allow air to circulate more freely than with other gel foams. Air Flow Gel™ molds to your individual shape to provide gentle contouring support. Refreshing air flow keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.

2" Engineered Latex Foam

High resilience comfort foam provides additional contouring comfort and support.

Reflexa Foam Base

High density foam provides long lasting durability and support.

10" Total Mattress Height

10 Year Limited Warranty

800 Adjustable Base:

  • Compatible with most mattress tytpes and existing bed frames 
  • Convenient, wireless remote control 
  • Quiet, powerful UL approved motor 
  • Wide range of head and foot adjustability 
  • Space efficient wall hugger design 
  • Ultimate relaxation in the Zero Gravity position

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Best Sleep I've Gotten

Review by : Denise T. on 2/2/2018

Bed went together very easily. It is very sturdy and the motors are very quiet. I love the "Zero G" position. It cradles you and feels good on the back. The base fit inside my original bed frame with headboard and footboard. Bed is a wonderful addition to my room. Well worth the money to sleep better. I have recommended it to everyone I know so far.


Exceeded my expectations!

Review by : Mike J. on 3/24/2017

I CANNOT believe how big of a difference a little elevation around my knees and at my head has made in my quality of sleep. It is hard to wake up in the mornings now! Whether you are watching TV, writing this review, doing something on your computer; this adjustable base bed is the BEST for getting the right position for just sitting in bed. I don't even care to have a couch anymore. I will watch movies, tv shows, football, write emails, eat dinner, whatever I want, in the comfort of my bed. The remote itself allows you to adjust the base up or adjust the base down, there is a button that makes the bed flat again, and then their is a Memory, not really sure what that does to be honest... I would highly recommend this to anyone who has troubles sleeping, wants to sleep better, or just loves watching Netflix like I do. 5 Stars!


Good quality mattress and base

Review by : Karen G. on 1/17/2017

My family all chipped in to get this adjustable bed base for my Grandparents for their wedding anniversary. They where very surprised by it, especially to see the cool new features of the adjustable base. Personally, I haven't slept on it, but my Grandparents love it. What I can say is that it was easy to set up for them. The only hard part about it was moving it into the bedroom because it was kinda bulky and heavy. Definitely don't try to push it around by yourself. Although I haven't slept in it, you better believe I tried it our after setting it up. The remote is very simplistic, and easy for even my Grandparents (who don't even own a computer). As for the workings of the machine, it performs phenomenally. It is extremely quiet and smooth. It responds very precisely to the remote and it moves slow enough to allow you to get your bed in the exact position that you would like. I can't think of anything to make this product any better.


Love having an adjustable bed

Review by : Kim R. on 9/29/2016

Sooo happy we switched to an adjustable base. We dont raise it much to sleep but its awesome for watching tv and when I am nursing the baby. Simple to use. LOVE, love, love.


Great night sleep! Works as Advertised!

Review by : Steve B. on 7/4/2016

The first four nights of sleep have been fantastic! We'll see how this purchase holds up over time. If it continues to sleep as well as it currently does, we'll continue to give this product five stars! If you know what you're doing and have two people, you can set this bed up on your own. Know that you CAN buy a quality mattress/adjustable base set for a good value.

Items 11 to 15 of 15 total

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