Dual Sontaire Fiber Replacement Bladder

Dual Sontaire Fiber Replacement Bladder

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This is a replacement bladder for a 4" shallow fill softside waterbed mattress. One layer of tethered fiber will reduce overall motion. Dual bladders allow you to adjust each side of the bed independently. Add more or less water to get the exact feel you want.

We recommend that when you purchase your new softside waterbed mattress bladder that you add Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner at the time of filling. By properly conditioning your waterbed mattress each year you protect the vinyl, fiber and foam. Waterbed Conditioner also controls odor causing gases and slime forming bacteria.

  • Fits 4" shallow fill straight wall foam tub
  • Single layer of polyester fiber
  • Reduces overall motion
  • Allows for adjustable firmness level
  • 4-point tethering system
  • Because of shallow fill level (less than the minimum required 6"), a waterbed heater is NOT recommended
  • Add waterbed conditioner at time of filling, and once per year thereafter
  • 2 year full, 8 year prorated warranty