Adjustable Lifestyle Foundations

Experience the comfort, convenience and healthy support of Adjustable Bases!

The ability to elevate your head and feet while in bed offers many positive health benefits as well as offering many conveniences for modern life. The Adjustable Base takes the place of the box spring, doesn't require a bed frame and will work with most headboards and/or footboard/siderail type beds.

Adjustable Base example

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Everyone can enjoy the healthy benefits of an adjustable base. Elevating your head can ease tension in the lower back and provides a more ergonomically correct position than a flat bed. Breathing becomes easier when the head is elevated, which helps you fall into a deeper sleep. Additionally, elevation of the head can be beneficial when you have a cold or a pesky snorer. Elevating your feet can reduce the workload on your heart. Start enjoying the healthy benefits of an Adjustable Base today!

Adjustable Base

Modern Conveniences of an Adjustable Base

Whether you're watching TV, reading a book or perusing the web on your laptop or tablet, the Adjustable can provide plenty of comfortable convenience by elevating your head and feet. You no longer have to stack pillows upon pillows to prop yourself up in bed. Simply push a button and elevate your head to your desired preference. Pre-set and programmable positions, massage, and even USB ports on some models add to the convenience of today's adjustable beds. Start enjoying the comfort and convenience of an Adjustable Bed today!

Adjustable Base

Adjustable bases are available in Twin Extra Long, Queen, King and Split King. The Split King is two Twin Extra Long bases with two Twin Extra Long mattress and is the same size a regular King.

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Adjustable Base 1002

The Adjustable Base 1002 can help ease lower back pain and provides a comfortable position to relax in your bedroom. Make your bedroom your personal sanctuary where you will spend time relaxing, reflecting, enjoying a good book, or watching a movie on TV or your laptop or tablet.

An Adjustable Base allows you to find your personal comfort. Experience the easy to use, pressure relieving capability of an adjustable power base today.

from $699.00

Adjustable Base 1003

The 1003 Adjustable Base offers a full range of head and foot positions so that you can enjoy the benefits of elevating your head and feet.

from $999.99

Adjustable Base 6000

Elevate your lifestyle with the 6000 Adjustable Base. Raise your head and feet for better back support and improved circulation.

from $1400.00

Adjustable Base 9000

Experience true luxury with the benefits of the 9000 Adjustable Base: comfort, support and compatible with the modern conveniences of life.

from $2200.00

Queen Broyhill GelLux Mattress and Adjustable Base Grand Opening Special

Experience the comfort, convenience and support of the Broyhill GelLux mattress and the 1002 Adjustable Base. Easily elevate your head to relieve pressure in your lower back while making it easier to breathe and simply raise your feet for improved circulation and pressure relief.


Broyhill Mattress and Adjustable Base Special

Select your choice of the Broyhill 8" Memory Foam mattress or the Broyhill 12" O2 mattress and improve the support and comfort of your mattress with the 1001 adjustable base. Elevate your head to relieve pressure in your lower back while making it easier to breathe. Raise your feet for improved circulation and pressure relief.

from $999.00

QN Adjustable Base 2000 - Boyd Specialty Sleep Adjustable Base

Relax in comfort and make your bedroom a place of sanctuary with the Adjustable Base 2000. Elevate the head and feet for enhanced support or just to make it easier to read, use a laptop or watch TV.

Enjoy all the benefits of an adjustable base at a great price!

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