Thomasville® Momentum™ I Mattress


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Experience the cool, revitalizing comfort of the Thomasville® Momentum™ I mattress. Hundreds of vertical ventilation holes in the gel memory foam allow body heat to flow down and out of the mattress for a cool night’s sleep.

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The Thomasville® Momentum™ I mattress is designed to allow refreshing and rejuvenating airflow to the mattress, maintaining a good sleeping temperature. Vertically Vented Gel Infused Memory Foam provides great support while allowing for maximum air circulation. The GelLux™ Engineered Latex Foam adds a responsive feel to the dense support of the gel infused memory foam.

Sleep Expert Tip

3 layers of gel memory foam and 3” of the new GelLux™ Engineered Latex Foam provide plenty of contouring support and pressure relief.

Removeable, Washable Cover Enhanced with Celliant Fibers
Patented Celliant Fiber Technology promotes better circulation, increased oxygen levels and enhanced cell vitality.
Vertically Vented Gel Infused Memory Foam
Allows for more refreshing airflow while providing pressure relieving support.
GelLux™ Engineered Latex Foam
Liquid gel infused foam provides a responsive support with an added cooling effect.

Thomasville® Momentum™ I Mattress features:

  • 1” Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • 2” Vertically Vented Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • 1” Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • 3” new GelLux™
  • 5” Channel Vented Tri-Zone FoamSpring Support
  • 12” Total Mattress Height
Elevate the Quality of your Sleep with an Adjustable Base
AdjustaFlex 1001 Adjustable BaseAdjustaFlex 5000 Adjustable Base
AdjustaFlex 1001 Adjustable Base AdjustaFlex 5000 Adjustable Base
  • Elevate the Head and Feet
  • Wired Hand Control
  • One Button Automatic Leveling
  • Elevate the Head and Feet
  • Wireless Hand Control
  • Wall-hugger, Massage and Programmable Settings


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Additional Information

Sleep Style Side Sleeper, Back Sleeper, Stomach Sleeper

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Customer Reviews

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Review by : Coolsy on 3/24/2019

Foam Is Lit AF!



Review by : Erika on 2/21/2019

We have searched for multiple beds and was shown this in their showroom and knew instantly It was for us. We tried serta tempur even sleep number.


Top Notch

Review by : Cercsie on 2/1/2019

No better way to sleep with my husband than this split king. His side, my side equals perfect night sleep.


Base is Next

Review by : Kyle G on 1/23/2019

Nice experience so far, Now I need A base


Happy Happy Happy

Review by : Jerry Q on 1/14/2019

We shopped multiple beds and this was our favorite lay down in the store. My husband is a big guy and it was very comfortable to both of us.


Didn't think I'd like it.

Review by : Earl H on 12/29/2018

My wife bought this mattress and I thought she was nuts! I hate to admit it but I really do like it. Took a couple days getting used to but now I sleep great.


Nice mattress for the price

Review by : Rich R on 12/21/2018

We bought this mattress because we couldn't afford the expensive temperpedic. So far we have been very happy with this one. And we could afford the furniture around it.


Perfect fit.

Review by : Cindy on 12/19/2018

I really love my new Momentum mattress it is the perfect fit for me. It really contours to my body, and I sleep much better because of it.


Nice Bed

Review by : Nancy T on 12/2/2018

I love this foam support just a little warm through out the night.


Popped Out

Review by : Adam D on 9/19/2018

The Bed came rolled up which got me at first but it popped right out and I finally got a good night sleep in forever. No complaints yet but will update if I have any issues.

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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  2. 2

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