Thomasville® 6 Chamber Air Beds

Sleep Better Together on Thomasville Air Beds

Better 6 Chamber Air Bed Technology with the Thomasville® Premium Air Beds

Individually adjust the comfort and support on either side of the mattress in the Lumbar section as well as the Head and Feet. The Lumbar Adjustment on the Thomasville® Six Chamber AirBed allows for more precise control of the support in the lumbar region of the mattress. This 6 Chamber Technology enables each sleeper to control the firmness in the Head, Lumbar, and Feet sections of the mattress. Two ergonomic LCD Hand Controls make changing the firmness or softness of the mattress as easy as the touch of a button. Firmness levels range 100 to 1, allowing more precise control of the firmness or softness.

Individual Comfort Adjustment with Thomasville® Airbeds

6 Chamber Technology

Stop waking up in the morning with a bad back or tossing and turning all night long. The 6 chamber technology in the Thomasville® Synchrony™ Air Bed allows for greater control of the support for each sleeper.

6 Chamber Technology

Separate Lumbar Adjustment

Find the perfect level of support just right for you by adjusting the firmness in the lumbar region of the lower back. Adjustable firmness in the lumbar region allows for more precise adjustments to help ease lower back pain.

Separate Lumbar Adjustment

Individual Comfort Adjustment

Each sleeper can individually adjust their side of the bed to their preferred firmness. Now, you can have the perfect number setting and your partner can have theirs.

Individual Comfort Adjustment

Channel Vented Gel Enhanced Memory Foam

The comfort layer on select Thomasville® Synchrony™ Adjustable Air Beds is an open cell, channel vented Gel Memory Foam. The channel venting provides cool, refreshing air flow, while the gel enhanced memory foam offers great support and cooling comfort.

Channel Vented Gel Enhanced Memory Foam

Two LCD Hand Controls are Included at No Extra Charge

We don’t charge for the convenience of having your own personal hand control. Two LCD Hand controls are a standard part of the Thomasville® AirBeds.

Experience the Thomasville® difference!

Two LCD Hand Controls Standard

110% Low Price Guarantee

- We always offer the guaranteed lowest price
- Shop without worry
- 90 Night Comfort Guarantee
- Certified Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
- Available in Twin Extra Long, Queen Size and King Size Mattresses
  110% Low Price Guarantee

*No affiliation exists between The Bedroom Store®, Thomasville® Synchrony™, and Sleep Number Bed®. Select Comfort®, SLEEP NUMBER® and SELECT COMFORT® are fully registered trademarks of Select Comfort Corporation. No product belonging to Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® is sold on this site and any reference is for comparison purposes only.

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thomasville gemini 6-chamber air bed thomasville gemini 6-chamber air bed

Thomasville® Gemini 6-chamber Air Bed

The Thomasville® Gemini 6-chamber Air Bed (3 chambers per side) can be adjusted to your preferred comfort and support. The adjustable lumbar area, which is separate from the head and foot controls, gives you greater individual control of the comfort and support. The state-of-the art LCD hand control allows you to adjust each side of the bed to the individual’s preferred firmness or softness.

from $2649.99
thomasville aries 6-chamber air bed thomasville aries 6-chamber air bed

Thomasville® Aries 6-chamber Air Bed

Experience a quality night’s sleep with the Thomasville® Aries 6-chamber Air Bed. The Thomasville® Aries 6-chamber sleep system features six independent adjustable air chambers (3 chambers per side), which permits each person to adjust their side to their preferred individualized support and comfort. The lumbar section of each side can be adjusted separately from the head and foot, allowing for personalized support in the lumbar area.

from $3299.99
QN Thomasville® Eclipse 6-Chamber 12" Mattress + Pump

Thomasville Eclipse 6-Chamber 12" Number Bed

Enjoy the truly personalized comfort and support you deserve with the Thomasville Eclipse 12” Six Chamber Sleep System. Unlike a traditional air mattress or spring support system, the Thomasville Eclipse Air Bed uses three adjustable zones on each side of the bed to create customized firmness levels for the head, feet and lumbar sections on each side of the bed. An advanced lumbar system provides the support essential for the sensitive lower back area which addresses a major issue for many problem sleepers. Two ergonomic LCD hand controls come standard with the mattress and allow the users to dial in their unique comfort positions from over 100 different options. Thomasville's all new TPU technology ensures the air chambers are more durable and flexible than a regular rubber core and eliminate the rubber odor associated with other materials. Layered neatly above the air chambers is a 2" layer of Open Cell Memory Foam that provides contouring comfort and pressure relief while allowing air to flow freely through the foam, keeping you cooler all night long. The Open Cell Foam layer is wrapped with a zip off fabric sleeve that not only protects the foam but prevents friction and heat buildup. Encasing the entire mattress is an easy to remove cover for quick mattress access and an even easier cleaning experience. Dry cleaning ensures you always have a clean and healthy sleep surface as well as a protective layer for your mattress. A patented tri-zone center section provides your lower back with the additional lumbar support it needs allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever your day may have in store for you. Thomasville air mattresses are designed with supreme comfort, support and innovation in mind so they feature not only industry leading technology but the superior value you've come to trust from Thomasville.
thomasville celestial 6-chamber air bed thomasville celestial 6-chamber air bed

Thomasville® Celestial 6-chamber Air Bed

A Thomasville® Celestial 6-chamber adjustable air bed is the perfect choice for quality sleep. Relax in a superior airbed featuring 6 chambers of fully adjustable comfort, allowing each sleeper to find their preferred softness or firmness. Find your personalized comfort and support on the Thomasville® Celestial 6-chamber adjustable air bed today.

from $3499.99
thomasville orion 6-chamber air bed thomasville orion 6-chamber air bed

Thomasville® Orion 6-chamber Air Bed

Lavish yourself in comfort and support on this ultra premium 6-chamber air bed. Five inches gel memory foam and traditional memory foam provides years of beneficial contouring support and long lasting comfort. Change the support and comfort with a push of a button on the stylish digital LCD hand control.

from $3999.99
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