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Thomasville® Premium Air Beds - Featuring 2 Chamber and 6 Chamber Air Beds

Individual Comfort Adjustment with Thomasville® Airbeds

Experience the difference of a Thomasville® Air Bed and Sleep Better Together! Adjust the firmness on both sides of the bed individually, so each sleeper can have their preferred firmness and support. Choose from the standard 2 Chamber Air Bed or upgrade to the 6 Chamber Air Bed design, which allows each sleeper to adjust the comfort and support in the lumbar section separate from the head and feet.

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Thomasville® Mercury 2-chamber Air Bed

Experience the contouring comfort and adjustable support of a Thomasville® air bed. With the touch of button on the modern LCD hand remote, each sleeper can adjust their side to their personalized comfort. Sleep well on a quality airbed and wake up to a healthier life.

from $2149.99

Thomasville® Neptune 2-chamber Air Bed

The Thomasville® Neptune dual chamber air bed features an 11" profile, 2-chamber adjustable core, and 2" of channel vented memory foam. Enjoy the contouring support and conforming comfort for a healthier, more restful sleep. Each sleeper can adjust their side their individual comfort. Sleep well and enjoy a better day.

from $2849.99

Thomasville® Saturn 2-chamber Air Bed

Find individualized comfort on this premium 12" 2-chamber adjustable air bed. 3 inches of STAY COOL gel memory foam provide superior support and pressure relief. Each side of the bed can be individually adjusted between 1 and 100. Experience the healthy benefits and support of the Thomasville® Saturn dual adjustable air bed today.

from $3099.99

Thomasville® Jupiter 2-chamber Air Bed

This premium 14" 2-chamber air bed features a 5 inch combination of gel and traditional memory foam that will provide individualized support and conforming comfort for years to come. Take control of the support and comfort you want with the modern LCD hand controls.

from $3499.99

Thomasville® Gemini 6-chamber Air Bed

The Thomasville® Gemini 6-chamber Air Bed (3 chambers per side) can be adjusted to your preferred comfort and support. The adjustable lumbar area, which is separate from the head and foot controls, gives you greater individual control of the comfort and support. The state-of-the art LCD hand control allows you to adjust each side of the bed to the individual’s preferred firmness or softness.

from $2649.99

Thomasville® Aries 6-chamber Air Bed

Experience a quality night’s sleep with the Thomasville® Aries 6-chamber Air Bed. The Thomasville® Aries 6-chamber sleep system features six independent adjustable air chambers (3 chambers per side), which permits each person to adjust their side to their preferred individualized support and comfort. The lumbar section of each side can be adjusted separately from the head and foot, allowing for personalized support in the lumbar area.

from $3299.99

Thomasville® Celestial 6-chamber Air Bed

A Thomasville® Celestial 6-chamber adjustable air bed is the perfect choice for quality sleep. Relax in a superior airbed featuring 6 chambers of fully adjustable comfort, allowing each sleeper to find their preferred softness or firmness. Find your personalized comfort and support on the Thomasville® Celestial 6-chamber adjustable air bed today.

from $3499.99

Thomasville® Orion 6-chamber Air Bed

Lavish yourself in comfort and support on this ultra premium 6-chamber air bed. Five inches gel memory foam and traditional memory foam provides years of beneficial contouring support and long lasting comfort. Change the support and comfort with a push of a button on the stylish digital LCD hand control.

from $3999.99
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