Thomasville® Latex Mattresses offer Cool Comfort, Superior Support and Enhanced Pressure Relief.

Natural Latex Foam is incredibly responsive, breathable, and conforming. Natural Latex Foam adjusts immediately as you change position in bed, unlike memory foam which is a dense, slow moving foam. This responsiveness provides a consistent support and feel from the moment you lay down until the moment you awaken, allowing your body to rest deeply. Natural Latex foam is very breathable, which means that air circulates through the latex foam, keeping the sleeping surface at a consistent temperature for your body. The IntelliTemp™ Phase Change Technology built into the cover of the Thomasville® Latex mattresses allows the cover fabric to heat up or cool down in response to your body temperature, providing consistent comfort all night long.

Ultra-Premium Talalay Latex Foam

The Talalay process of manufacturing latex foam is the more modern of the two latex foam manufacturing processes. Aeration of the foam takes place in a sealed vacuum, which creates a uniform cell structure that improves durability and creates a softer feel. Additionally, the latex foam is washed and dried in the final step of manufacturing.

Ultra Premium Talalay Latex Foam

Naturally Responsive Dunlop Latex Foam

The traditional Dunlop process for manufacturing latex foam is known for creating a firmer form of latex foam and has been used since 1929. The Dunlop process allows the natural sediments in the foam mixture to settle to the bottom creating a firmer foam on the bottom side.

Naturally Responsive Dunlop Latex Foam

Intellitemp® Phase Change Technology

Intellitemp® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations. IntelliTEMP® materials in the cover of Thomasville® Natural Flex Latex foams mattresses absorbs excess heat and releases it when needed.

Intellitemp Phase Change Technology

Exclusive COOL COMFORT Channel Venting

Channel venting provides cool, refreshing air flow in the naturally breathable latex foam. These channel vents allow air to circulate so that it does not get trapped in the mattress. allowing you to experience undisturbed sleep.

Exclusive COOL COMFORT Channel Venting

Certified Safe and Eco-Friendly

Thomasville® Latex mattresses meet Level I requirements for the Specialty Sleep Association Environmental and Safety Program. Thomasville® Latex mattresses are manufactured in a barometrically controlled environment, which releases no harmful VOCs into the air.

Certified Safe and Eco-Friendly
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Thomasville® Supreme 934

Sleep easy knowing that your investment will provide value, durability and comfort. The 10" profile Thomasville® 934 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress offers all the support and comfort of latex for less than you would spend on a basic innerspring mattress. Discover the healthy, restful sleep you deserve.

from $999.99

Thomasville® Supreme 936

Find your perfect sleep on the 12" Thomasville® 936 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. Allow the three inches of Dunlop latex foam to ease your aches and pains. This Thomasville® latex mattress can help you sleep well, all night long.

from $1099.99

Thomasville® Supreme 941

Experience comfort and rejuvenation on the 13" Thomasville® 941 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. The natural, resilient latex foam provides excellent pressure relief and sturdy, healthy support. Try a Thomasville® latex bed and find the healthy sleep you deserve.

from $1249.99

Thomasville® Ultra 955

Treat yourself to a quality night’s sleep. The 11" Thomasville® 955 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress offers three inches of premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam and conforming comfort foam. Begin your journey to more restful sleep with a Thomasville® 955 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress.

from $1199.00

Thomasville® Ultra 960

Peaceful bliss is just a bed away. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with the 12" Thomasville® 960 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. Premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam will bring you blissful nights of revitalizing sleep by easing the pain of pressure points. Experience the delight of Thomasville® Natural Flex® Latex mattresses today.

from $1299.00

Thomasville® Ultra 970

Find rejuvenating comfort on the 13" Thomasville® 970 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. The ultra-decadent blend of premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam and conforming Dunlop latex foam encourages correct spinal alignment to diminish tossing and turning. Experience the calming and comforting support of Thomasville® Natural Flex® Latex Mattresses.

from $1799.00

Thomasville® Ultra 980

You deserve the best. Sleep in luxury on the Thomasville® Natural Flex® Ultra 980 14" latex mattress. A total of six inches of hypo-allergenic, ultra-decadent premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam provides the best in uninterrupted, healthy sleep. Treat yourself to the best sleep with a Thomasville® Natural Flex® Ultra Latex Mattress .

from $1999.00
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