iZone™ The Ultimate Hybrid

Experience the Individually Adjustable Comfort and Support of the iZone™ Mattress today!

The iZone™ mattress features seven zones on each side of the bed, which are Individually Adjustable by Firmness to provide outstanding comfort and support. The iZone™ mattress features a removable, washable cover with a built in bed bug barrier, ensuring your iZone™ mattress is clean and hygienic for years to come. The unique design of the air vent system and the water filled calibrators reduces excess heat in the mattress, creating a temperature neutral sleep surface. The iZone™ mattresses are comfortably affordable and designed to last.

Fully Customizable Support on Each Side

No two people are the same so why should a mattress be the same on both sides. The iZone™ mattress allows each of the side to be customized to fit the needs of the individual.

Fully customizable mattress

Seven Zones of Adjustment on Each Side

The iZone™ mattress allows each sleeper to adjust the support in seven different zones from head to toe. This individual adjustment creates an optimal sleep surface for each sleeper, customized to their body type and individual needs. Discover your sleep profile with the iZone™ matrix.

Seven Individually Adjustable Zones

Removable Washable Anti-Microbial Cover

The iZone™ cover is removable and washable and features a proprietary 'Bed Bug Cover' that bed bugs and dust mites cannot penetrate. Your bed will stay clean and hygienic for a great night's sleep.

Removable washable cover

Unique Design provides Temperature Neutral Mattress

The hole punched memory foam creates thousands of channels for air to travel through away from the body. The calibrators act as a heat sink and dissipate warm air, creating a very temperature neutral sleep surface.

temperature neutral mattress

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iZone Z4 Mattress - Adjustable in 7 zones Lifetstyle iZone Z4 Mattress - Adjustable in 7 zones Lifetstyle

iZone™ Z4 Mattress

The Z4 mattress features Tri-Zone Wave-Cut Cooling Gel Memory Foam and Ice Fiber for a cool night's sleep and is adjustable on both sides from head to toe in seven zones for complete personalized comfort.

Featuring Ice Fiber

from 1999.00
iZone Z3 iZone Z3

iZone™ Z3 Mattress Queen Size

ZERO GRAVITY SENSATION The Z3 iZone™ bed is designed to give you a zero gravity no motion feel. You are fully in sync with your bed but have no sense of the motion from the calibrators.

Special Closeout Pricing!

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