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Browse through our great selection of mattresses to find the perfect mattress for you. We offer many different types of mattresses so that you can find the right mattress for you. Whether you're looking for a firm mattress, soft mattress, pillowtop mattress, memory foam mattress, latex foam mattress, hybrid mattress, waterbed mattress or an air bed, we have you covered. If you're not sure what type of mattress is best for you, take our Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Test online or at any of our 15 St. Louis metro area locations.

Types of Mattresses

iZone™ - The Ultimate Hybrid
The iZone mattress combines the latest in air, water and memory foam technologies in a mattress that can be adjusted on each side to provide proper support and pressure relief for each person.
Thomasville® Latex Foam Mattresses
Thomasville® Latex foam mattresses offer outstanding pressure relief on a light, airy sleep surface.
Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory Foam Mattresses offer excellent contouring comfort and back support. Choose from Broyhill® Classic Memory Foam Mattresses, Broyhill Gel Foam Mattresses, Serta iComfort Memory Foam Mattresses, and Serta iComfort Directions Gel Memory Foam Mattresses, and Tempur-Pedic® Mattresses.
Premium Air Beds
Individually adjustable firmness on both sides of the bed makes the Air Bed the perfect solution for partners with different comfort and support needs. Adjust the firmness and support with the touch of an LED hand control.
InnerSpring Mattresses
Choose from Firm top mattresses, plush top mattresses, and pillowtop mattresses to find the right feel for you.
Hybrid Mattresses
Hybrid Mattresses combine the traditional innerspring mattress and quilting techniques with the latest improvements in memory foam.
Waterbeds offer incredible pressure relief and contouring support. Softside waterbeds are available with individual tubes or mid fill bladders.
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Thomasville® Gemini 6-chamber Air Bed

The Thomasville® Gemini 6-chamber Air Bed (3 chambers per side) can be adjusted to your preferred comfort and support. The adjustable lumbar area, which is separate from the head and foot controls, gives you greater individual control of the comfort and support. The state-of-the art LCD hand control allows you to adjust each side of the bed to the individual’s preferred firmness or softness.

from $2649.99
iZone Z3 iZone Z3 Sale Quick View

iZone™ Z3 Mattress

ZERO GRAVITY SENSATION The Z3 iZone™ bed is designed to give you a zero gravity no motion feel. You are fully in sync with your bed but have no sense of the motion from the calibrators.

Special Closeout Pricing!

$1,699.00 $999.00

Thomasville® Ultra 980

You deserve the best. Sleep in luxury on the Thomasville® Natural Flex® Ultra 980 14" latex mattress. A total of six inches of hypo-allergenic, ultra-decadent premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam provides the best in uninterrupted, healthy sleep. Treat yourself to the best sleep with a Thomasville® Natural Flex® Ultra Latex Mattress .

from $1999.00

Thomasville® Ultra 970

Find rejuvenating comfort on the 13" Thomasville® 970 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. The ultra-decadent blend of premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam and conforming Dunlop latex foam encourages correct spinal alignment to diminish tossing and turning. Experience the calming and comforting support of Thomasville® Natural Flex® Latex Mattresses.

from $1799.00

Thomasville® Ultra 960

Peaceful bliss is just a bed away. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with the 12" Thomasville® 960 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. Premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam will bring you blissful nights of revitalizing sleep by easing the pain of pressure points. Experience the delight of Thomasville® Natural Flex® Latex mattresses today.

from $1299.00

Thomasville® Ultra 955

Treat yourself to a quality night’s sleep. The 11" Thomasville® 955 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress offers three inches of premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam and conforming comfort foam. Begin your journey to more restful sleep with a Thomasville® 955 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress.

from $1199.00
sensura 611 memory foam mattress sensura 611 memory foam mattress Sale Quick View

Broyhill® Sensura™ 611 Memory Foam Mattress

You owe it to your health to get better quality sleep, and this 11" Broyhill® Sensura™ Classic Memory Foam Mattress will help you achieve that need. This memory foam bed will support your body weight evenly, relieve pressure points and eliminate motion disturbance. The result is a unique and unprecedented sleeping experience.

Special Closeout Pricing!

$549.00 $399.00
sensura 610 memory foam mattress sensura 610 memory foam mattress Sale Quick View

TwinXL Broyhill® Sensura™ 610 Memory Foam Mattress

Wake up each morning feeling rejuvenated with the Broyhill® Classic 10" Memory Foam Mattress. The open cell memory foam conforms to your unique shape to ease pain from pressure points and provide quality sleep.

Special Closeout Pricing!

$399.00 $299.00
sensura 608 memory foam mattress sensura 608 memory foam mattress Sale Quick View

Twin Broyhill® Sensura™ 608 Memory Foam Mattress

The 8 inch profile Broyhill® Sensura™ 608 Classic Memory Foam Mattress conforms to your body. The 3'' combination of open cell memory foam and comfort foam contours to your body to reduce pressure points and ease aches, providing you with a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

Special Closeout Pricing!

$299.99 $199.99
sensura 6120 memory foam mattress sensura 6120 memory foam mattress Sale Quick View

Queen Broyhill® Sensura™ Supreme 6120 Mattress

The Broyhill® Sensura™ 6120 Gel Memory Foam 12" mattress provides cool comfort, contouring support and durability. The enhanced cool gel memory foam contours to your body, while allowing airflow for a consistently cool sleep surface. The Broyhill® Sensura™ Gel mattress unites the cooling Micro-Tec Gel™ infused memory foam and the patent pending STAY COOL channel venting, allowing you an undisturbed sleep.

Close Out Special. Limited Quantities.

$1,199.00 $699.00
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