How to find the best waterbed mattress?

Because there are so many waterbed mattresses available today, it pays to do your research before shopping. Many people still think of the 1970’s when they imagine waterbeds. These original waterbeds have hardside frames with different types of mattresses available to choose from.  While these are still available, there have been additions to waterbeds over the years. We will also explore softside mattresses and the Izone beds. But, first let’s start with the traditional hardside waterbeds.

Hardside waterbed mattresses

Hardside waterbeds have been around for several decades. When they originally appeared on the mattress scene, waterbeds had a hardside wood frame and a freeflow mattress. The freeflow mattress is great for someone looking for an economical bed or looking for a floating feel. This is going to give someone a rocking feeling, or let them feel the movement of the water as they move in bed. Although freeflow mattresses are still available, many upgraded mattresses have been introduced into the hardside waterbed world for the person needing more support and wanting a waveless feel.

To wave or not to wave

Semi- waveless and waveless hardside waterbeds are now offered in addition to freeflow mattresses. A semi-waveless mattress is going to offer more support than the original freeflow. It will have layers of foam inside, also known as baffles, which will enable couples to sleep more soundly due to the limited motion transfer. However, it still has some movement to the bed. The waveless mattress is for someone needing more support and wanting little to no motion transfer between partners. Because it has so many layers of fiber there will not be any “bottoming out” with this mattress that you will experience with a freeflow mattress and possibly with a semi-waveless mattress.

Although the waveless mattress is going to be the most expensive of the hardside waterbed mattresses, it is still very economical compared to a traditional innerspring or memory foam bed. Longevity wise it will also last you the longest because of the extra lumbar support, bonded fibers and reinforced corners. The Comfort Supreme waveless mattress made by Boyd Specialty Sleep has 3 layers of ergonomically designed lumbar support and a four point memory stretch tether system, in addition to the five layer wave reduction system and 20 year warranty. Taken care of properly with a protective cover and using Blue Magic conditioner once a year for maintenance against mold and bacteria, this bed can easily last twice the lifetime of a traditional innerspring bed.

Hardside waterbed can be heated to your preference

Another advantage of the hardside waterbed mattress is the person’s ability to control the temperature of the bed. Because hardside frames require a heater to keep the bed warm, it is perfect for someone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or wanting heat for an aching back or sore bones. However, there is no need for a person that sleeps warm to ever worry. There is a temperature control on the heaters, therefore you can adjust the heater to sleep as cool or warm as you are comfortable.

The one drawback for some people with the hardside waterbed is the frame itself.  The wood frame of the bed is actually holding and stabilizing the mattress and does not come in traditional mattress sizes that other twin, queen and king beds normally come in. For someone looking for either a contemporary look or the look of a traditional bed, there is the softside waterbed mattress.

Softside waterbed mattress

The softside mattress was the answer for people wanting to use a regular bed frame.

Unlike a hardside waterbed mattress, the softside waterbed mattress is supported by a foam wall, known as the foam tub. One of the biggest advantages of this is virtually any bed frame can be used since it is not relying on the wood of a hardside frame for stability and security. This also gives shoppers the freedom to choose virtually any headboard or frame instead of being limited on their choices. The weight of a softside bed is also far less than that of a hardside, so there is no need to fear that a traditional frame will collapse.

Another advantage of the softside mattress is a plush feel, but with the support of the water. Besides wanting to use a traditional bed frame, many people also like the option of using water for support, but without the motion of some of the hardside mattresses. Oftentimes, consumers lying on softsides while mattress shopping don’t even know that they are on a waterbed before being told by the salesperson. They are only aware that they love the cloud like feel of the plush top, yet still feel totally supported. With the exception of using Blue Magic conditioner once a year, there is virtually no maintenance to these beds. Also, the mattress is under such a thick pillowtop or thick padding that there is virtually no way to “pop” the mattress, which is sometimes a fear for people when it comes to waterbed mattresses.

As far as heaters go, this totally depends on how warm or cool you like to sleep. Although a harside heater can not be used on a softside waterbed, there is the option to use a low watt heater, although not necessary. This totally depends on how warm or cool you prefer your bed.

An additional advantage of the softside waterbed mattress is that it can be purchased as a dual mattress, such as the Cashmere by Boyd Specialty Sleep. This is perfect for sleep partners who do not require the same support levels or have the same comfort preference. Dual mattresses can be purchased and each filled to the individual’s specific needs. For instance, someone wanting a softer feeling mattress would use less water in their mattress and vise versa, the partner wanting a firmer feel would add more water to their mattress.

Izone Beds

The newest technology in waterbeds is the Izone mattress. This bed is based on a concept of not only individualized support and comfort, but support in seven different zones from head to toe.

The biggest advantage of the Izone mattress is that they have completely customizable support on each side of the bed, which features seven calibrators for each sleep partner. Therefore, not only can both sleep partners adjust their side to their individual needs like a dual soft side waterbed, they can actually adjust each of their seven calibrators for head to toe support and comfort. This is not only perfect for the person wanting individualized comfort from their sleep partner, but for the person having different needs for different parts of his or her body. For example, someone who is heavy in their mid section, but has arthritis in their shoulder, can adjust the lumbar calibrators to firm for support, yet keep the calibrator soft in the shoulder area to ease the pain and pressure of arthritis. One can even get their own individual sleep profile on

Like the softside mattresses, the Izone bed also looks just like a traditional mattress and can be used on any bed frame. Weight wise they are no heavier than many innerspring or memory foam mattresses.

There is also no heater necessary or any maintenance needed for an Izone bed. Because the calibrators come pre treated there is never any reason to add conditioner.

Longevity is another added bonus of the Izone bed. Not only is it maintenance free, but it has a removable and washable cover to keep your bed hygienic and dust mite free. It is as simple as throwing it into the washing machine. Furthermore, unlike an innerspring mattress which can eventually break down and cause dips and sags, as we know, water is never going to break down. There is also the benefit of adjusting the bed instead of buying a new one as your body changes over the years. When one purchases an innerspring or memory foam bed, that bed is going to come in one firmness level. Therefore, if your mattress is still in good shape, but your body or health changes, there is not much you can do except buy a new mattress to fit your new needs. With the Izone mattress you can adjust the calibrators to make it as soft or as firm as your body needs over the years.

As you can see, there are several different waterbed mattresses available depending on your specific needs. Armed with this information, it should make choosing the right waterbed much easier.

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