Al and Mary came into the Fairview Heights location to check out some memory foam beds. Al said that their kids recently purchased a bed from us and had a great experience with Tom Speichinger.

They had shopped four different stores and while they felt the promotions were very comparable, the knowledge they received here was much better than anywhere else.

They also felt that he showed them more concern for their needs than other places they had shopped.

Our Sleep Metrics Process Helps you Find the Right Mattress

Find the best mattress with our sleep metrics process

We started looking at mattresses and it was suggested that the new Sleep Metrics could help to eliminate a lot of looking. They were asked to lie down on the Sleep Metric mattress and a few questions were asked about the sleep practices as well as some health related questions.

After a few minutes, there was total amazement as the machine printed out a report that both suggested a support level as well as pillows to best serve both of their needs. After reviewing the report from the Sleep Metric mattress, it was suggested that they try out a Broyhill 1350 platinum hybrid mattress and not a memory foam mattress as they originally believed best for their needs.

As Mary was going through the change of life and was experiencing issues with hot flashes, the new ice fiber material found on the Broyhill 1350 and the Broyhill Clima Comfort pillow was exactly what she needed to help offset the heat increase and find a comfortable night’s sleep.

Find the Best Mattress Fit

Upon laying on a memory foam mattress as they initially believed would be their best fit, they found that while the memory foam mattress was very conforming it also felt warm . They both liked the support, lack of motion transfer due to partner movement, and especially how cool the Broyhill 1350 Platinum Hybrid felt by comparison. They also both liked how cool the Broyhill Clima Comfort pillow felt while not sacrificing the proper support to keep the head elevated and aid in providing proper spinal alignment.

Going through this process was very quick and easy and made selecting the new mattress a simple and pain free process. Al and Mary both highly recommend the Broyhill 1350 Platinum Hybrid mattress because it is the coolest mattress either of them have ever felt. 

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