Galaxy 4 Replacement Bladder
Galaxy 4 Replacement Bladder

Galaxy 4 Replacement Bladder

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A Galaxy 4 replacement waterbed mattress bladder will fit inside your existing 8" deep fill softside waterbed foam cavity. Four layers of polyester fiber reduces motion, while lumbar fiber layers provide additional support where you need it most. Extra lumbar support is a must if you suffer from back pain.

We recommend that when you purchase your new softside waterbed mattress bladder that you add Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner at the time of filling. By properly conditioning your waterbed mattress each year you protect the vinyl, fiber and foam. Waterbed Conditioner also controls odor causing gases and slime forming bacteria.

  • Fits 8" mid fill slant wall foam tub
  • Provides stability and contouring support
  • 4 layers of polyester fiber reduces motion
  • 3 additional layers of lumbar fiber
  • 4-point tethering system
  • Add waterbed conditioner at time of filling, and once per year thereafter
  • 4 year full, 11 year prorated warranty