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Compare Thomasville® Air Beds to Personal Comfort™

FeatureDescriptionThomasvillePersonal Comfort
Dual Air Chamber Technology Adjust the individual comfort and support on each side of the bed. Yes Yes
Motion Transfer Free Motion transfer is greatly reduced between sleep partners by the two separate air chambers. Yes Yes
25 Year Warranty Rest assured you purchased a quality product with the Thomasville® 25 year limited warranty. Personal Comfort™ offers a 25 year warranty as well. Yes Yes
Replaceable Components Each component of the air bed is replaceable ,therefore a single component can be replaced rather than buying an entire new bed. Yes Yes
100 Night Comfort Guarantee Test the Thomasville® Synchrony Air Bed for 100 nights to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Personal Comfort™ offers a 120 night trial. Yes Yes
Risk Free Shopping - Free Returns If you are not happy with your new bed you can ship it back within 100 days for a full refund, at no cost to you and no questions asked. We will pay for return shipping and even help with packing it up. You may return your Personal Comfort™ bed within 120 days for free on the Advanced, Elegance and Memory Foam series beds between the 46th day and the 120th day. All other models are charged at least a $149 restocking fee. Some are charged at a 25% restocking fee plus all shipping fees associated with your order. Yes Yes
Fast, Free Shipping All products in our online store ship to you for FREE! The price you see is the price you pay...delivered right to your door. Freight line deliveries not only include the mattress, but the foundations and adjustable power bases are FREE as well! Personal Comfort™ offers free shipping on all orders except those with an adjustable base. Yes Yes
Certified Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam Manufacturing Thomasville® Air Beds comfort foam is produced in a sealed vacuum chamber, allowing us to use pressure rather than chemicals to control the foam's properties. This certified eco-friendly sealed process also prevents harmful VOCs from being released into the atmosphere. Our foam is CertiPUR certified. Since our foam is produced in a temperature, pressure and humidity controlled chamber, the Thomasville® foam is consistent in density and firmness levels as compared to open air foaming processes. Yes Yes
All New Thermal Poly Urethane (TPU) Technology Thomasville® constructs its air cores using Thermal Poly Urethane technology. TPU air cores are more durable and flexible than rubber air cores and have no lingering 'rubber' odor. Seams are molecularly bonded instead of glued for a much stronger, lasting seal with less potential for air leaks. Personal Comfort™ beds are manufactured with vulcanized rubber air chambers. Our TPU air cores are tested at more than twice the strength of rubber air cores. Yes No
6 Chamber Air Bed Technology Six individual chambers in our Ultra Adjustable Air Beds allow you to adjust your lumbar area separately from the head and foot sections so you have more control of your ideal level of support in this critical area of your body. No Personal Comfort™ bed offers six chamber adjustability. Our 6-Chamber technology is patent pending. Yes No
Separate Lumbar Adjustment When you purchase an Ultra Six Chamber Adjustable Air Bed from Thomasville®, you can adjust the lumbar section of the bed separately from the head and feet so you can reduce back pain and pressure in this sensitive area. Since most individuals carry their weight in their mid-section, having the technology to adjust the midsection to be firmer than the head or the leg area prevents hammocking maintains proper body alignment. Yes No
Removable, Washable Cover Easily zip off and completely remove the cover of your Thomasville® Air Bed at any time in order to machine wash (front loading machine only) or dry clean. Cleaning your cover regularly helps to remove unwanted body ash, mold and mildew that can lead to allergies and potentially disturb your sleep. A removable top cover ensures you always have a clean, hygienic sleep surface. Personal Comfort™ covers are removable but dry clean only. Yes No
Temperature Sensitive Fabric Cover IntelliTemp™ Phase Change Temperature Regulating Technology in the mattress cover reacts to your specific body temperature.The micro-capsules in this cover fabric heat up or cool down in response to your body temperature. This ensures you are never too warm or too cold as you sleep. The contouring stretch knit cover also wicks away excess moisture to help keep you dry and perspiration free. Stylish absorptive side panel fabric provides a breathable surface to promote air flow to keep the internal air mattress components dry. Yes No
Friction Free Safety Liner Surrounding Foam Tray Thomasville® incorporates a fabric safety liner around the foam support tray. This liner prevents friction between the tray and the bladders and reinforces the foam support rails. Personal Comfort™ beds do not have any barrier protecting their foam support trays. Yes No
UL Approved Transformer Thomasville® has developed the technology to transform the electrical current from 110Volt to only 10 volts in the pump. Even if the circuit was exposed, 10 volts would not be enough to feel a shock. This transformer also helps to regulate voltage spikes that make cause the pump to malfunction. This feature also allows you to use our sleep system anywhere in the world including those countries that use a 220 volt electrical system. Personal Comfort™ does not use a transformer between their plug and the air pump. Yes No
Uni-Body Construction Thomasville Synchrony® uses a uni-body construction that bonds all the sides of the foam tray to the foam tray base. Personal Comfort™ does not glue the foam siderails to the foam base, which could create bowing and buckling in the foam tray. Other manufactures use a fabric to connect the foam rails on the opposite sides, however this fabric stretches and can cause the foam rails to bow over time. This causes the air cores to distance themselves and creates a very noticeable and uncomfortable gap between the left and right air cores. Some manufacturers sell a foam partition that can be put between the air chambers, but this does not help with the gapping and only creates a noticeable transition. The Uni-Body construction we use prevents the cover from stretching, therefore prohibiting any bowing or gaps. Yes No
High Density Compressed Foam We use a 2.2 LB.density Polyurethane premium foam to manufacture our foam trays. This is approximately 35% denser by weight than most all other manufacturers. We compress all of our foam before inserting it into a box. This method saves freight and allows us to ship our uni-body foam trays via UPS and therefore saves significantly on freight cost. By compressing all of our foam (including memory foam and gel memory foam) prior to packaging, it improves the consistency of the foam and the foam performs better over time as it helps the foam to maintain its original firmness levels for an extended period of time. Yes No
Micro Pure® Covers The Thomasville Synchrony ® product uses the Micro Pure® technology to envelope its comfort layers. The cover completely encases the comfort layer and easily unzips allowing you to machine wash your cover, so your cover is can always be clean and hygienic. The Micro Pure satin fabric is antimicrobial, which helps prevent the growth of microorganisms that can be caused by perspiration and body oils and ash. It also helps prohibit dust mites that can use body oils and ash, as well as hair as a food source. The cover also utilizes a non-skid bottom fabric to prevent slipping and sliding. Yes No
Family Owned and Operated The Bedroom Store® is a division of Boyd Specialty Sleep, which started in 1977. Our founder, Denny Boyd, can still be found at the office every day. Because we value and appreciate your business, we strive to exceed your expectations with superlative customer serve and knowledgeable staff. Our mission statement- Quality Sleep For a Better Life- is what we live on every day by making sure that you not only get the best possible service, but highest quality products. We have earned the distinction of being an INC. 500 company five separate years as well as have been granted over 40 US patents and continue to innovate each year to better serve our customers. Yes No
Hand Control Features Thomasville® Air Beds have very sophisticated hand control features as compared to Personal Comfort™. The control buttons will light up when touched. This is very helpful when making comfort adjustments in the dark. The 4 color display is not only visually appealing, it helps to intuitively understand the hand control features. As the pump is inflating the bubbles under the body profile show an increasing air flow. As the deflate button is pressed the bubbles show the air flowing outward from the mattress. Since the air pump is relatively quiet, this motion is consistent with the function pressed and allows the user to immediately understand the action that is being performed. When the Lumbar function is pressed the bubbles, only the bubbles under the lumbar portion of the body profile are in motion. When the Head/Foot function is pressed, only the bubbles under the Head/Foot function are in motion. The 4 color LCD display is much easier to read than the traditional black and white LED display. Yes No


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Thomasville® Synchrony™ Air Bed Mattresses offer Better 6 Chamber Air Bed Technology when compared to Personal Comfort™

Why Buy a Thomasville® Synchrony™ Air Bed

The Thomasville® brand is known for a strong commitment to making quality products. Thomasville® Synchrony™ Air Beds continue with that tradition, offering a great line of air beds with improved technology for outstanding comfort and pressure relieving support. Industry leading technology from years of research and development make the Thomasville® Synchrony™ Air Bed an excellent mattress choice for conforming comfort and adjustable firmness. Don't settle for the status quo! Expect more and experience the difference a Thomasville® Synchrony™ Air Bed can make in your life today.

*No affiliation exists between The Bedroom Store®, Thomasville® Synchrony™, and Personal Comfort™. Personal Comfort™ is a fully registered trademarks of Personal Comfort™ Corporation. No product belonging to Personal Comfort™ is sold on this site and any reference is for comparison purposes only.

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