Cleaning Your Mattress to Avoid the Spread of Sickness

It’s estimated that you spend one third of your life on your mattress, all the more reason to keep your sleeping space clean and tidy. Regular cleaning removes harmful allergens, dust and bacteria. Cleaning your mattress is a crucial task especially if you or a family member has been unwell. When a person is ill, germs spread all over the mattress and do not go away just by changing the sheets. Washing the sheets is most definitely part of the remedy but on its own does not completely get rid of the germs that lie underneath within the mattress. It’s important to take some additional cleansing measures.


Start the cleaning process by stripping the mattress of all sheets and bedding and tossing the items into the wash. If your mattress has a removable cover remove and wash separately. Always use a top-rated laundry detergent and the warm/hot water setting on your washing machine, the dry on high heat.


Next, vacuum the entire mattress surface with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to seams and crevices (places where dirt, dust, dead skin, and germs collect).


Once you’re finished vacuuming, check for stains and spot treat them with an appropriate household cleaner. An upholstery cleaner or enzyme-based pet-odor remover can get the job done. You can also try a simple solution of 1 teaspoon mild dish detergent mixed with 1 cup of warm water.


Next, deodorize the mattress by sprinkling baking soda over the entire surface. For best results, leave the baking soda there for 24 hours. That means you might need to plan the project around an overnight trip—or be willing to sleep elsewhere in your home. If you can place the mattress near a window, the sunlight will add its sanitizing power.


After the baking soda has had a chance to tackle odors, go back over the mattress with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment. If you don't already own a mattress cover, it’s probably worth purchasing one. And adding a mattress pad between the cover and bottom sheet will help absorb moisture and protect your mattress. Along with the periodic deep cleaning described here, these extra layers of protection will help prevent mites, fleas, and other pests from sharing your bed.Click HERE to shop our selection of mattress toppers.

Back when most mattresses could be flipped over, the conventional wisdom was that you should turn it twice a year and take that opportunity to clean it as well. These days, a lot of mattresses, including the pillow-top variety, can’t be turned because they have a proper top and bottom. But cleaning your mattress two times a year remains a good rule of thumb. (Check the mattress label for instructions since the manufacturer might recommend rotating the mattress head to foot to ensure even wear.)

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