Broyhill® Sapphire 1100 Firm Hybrid Mattress & 800 Adjustable Base


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Broyhill® Sapphire 1100 Firm Hybrid Mattress:

Convoluted Tri-Zone MicroTec Gel™ Memory Foam is placed under the breathable quilted cover to provide a plush sleeping surface in the Broyhill® Sapphire 1100 Plush Hybrid Mattress.

Adjusta-Flex 800 Base:

Experience the health and comfort benefits of the Adjusta-Flex 800 Upholstered Adjustable Base. With its wide array of features and full range of head and foot positions, you can create the sleep experience that is entirely your own. 

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Broyhill® Sapphire 1100 Firm Hybrid Mattress:

Contouring Quilted Cover

  • Breathable, plush fibers and foam are quilted into the cover to provide extra loft and lasting contouring support.

Convoluted Tri-Zone MicroTec™ Gel Memory Foam

  • Feels like ordinary memory foam, only better! MicroTec Gel provides targeted, contouring comfort and support while sleeping cooler than traditional memory foam.

Edge Plus™ Perimeter

  • The foam encased edge extends around the whole perimeter of the mattress to increase the overall sleep surface, prevent roll-off and give you a firm, no sag edge.

8" Tri-Zone Natural Spring® Support System

  • Individual Fabric wrapped spiral steel springs gently flex and yield to your body to provide natural, healthy support. Independent spring technology helps absorb and isolate motion to reduce sleep disturbances.

High Density Support Foam

  • High density foam comfort layer provides long lasting durability and support

Adjusta-Flex 800 Base:

  • Compatible with most mattress tytpes and existing bed frames 
  • Convenient, wireless remote control 
  • Quiet, powerful UL approved motor 
  • Wide range of head and foot adjustability 
  • Space efficient wall hugger design 
  • Ultimate relaxation in the Zero Gravity position

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Review by : carold on 4/2/2019

This bed is strong yet soft for even the most powerful. Every step from buying to delivering and setup was great. My nights are now filled with glorious grand dreams soaring above the sky, and I wake up ready to meet any obstacle in my way.


almost better than riding a dragon

Review by : danystormborn on 3/7/2019

I love my new bed so much. It's so comfortable and the base is super easy to use. Its just about the greatest thing ever, except riding my dragons.


sweet dreams

Review by : karen on 2/9/2019

So comfortable I have the sweetest dreams sleeping on my new bed. The base just takes it to the next level.


It's Good

Review by : Stan on 2/2/2019

The mattress is quality, providing much needed comfort to these old bones. The base helps a lot, especially on days when it's harder to get out of the bed.



Review by : greg on 1/26/2019

excellent product and service.


so easy

Review by : starlight on 1/1/2019

Sleep used to be very hard for me. I'd toss and turn and wake up a million times. Not anymore. This bed is just what i needed. Now I sleep so good every night and rarely wake up.



Review by : dwayne on 11/19/2018

this bed is so fire. it's soft but not too soft, just right like that little girl and the bear story. the base though takes it up another level.


only the best

Review by : posh on 11/6/2018

Only the very best is good enough for me, and this bed is legit the very best. The adjustable base just makes it all the better.


i don't hate this

Review by : wednesdayadams on 9/8/2018

i pretty much hate everything but i don't hate this bed.


goonies never say die

Review by : data on 8/15/2018

but they do enjoy a quality night's sleep and that's just what this bed does. Comfort, support, and i can adjust it, the only thing missing is one-eyed willie's gold.

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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