Broyhill® 8" Air Flow Gel® Memory Foam Wired Adjustable Mattress Set


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Experience the benefits and modern conveniences of elevating your head and feet while in bed.

Our Lowest Price Adjustable Mattress Set!

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Includes the 8" Broyhill® 8" Gel Memory Foam Mattress and the Broyhill® 500 Wired Adjustable Base.

Air Flow Gel Memory Foam

Featuring Cooling Air Flow Gel™ Memory Foam

Air Flow Gel™ Memory Foam contains larger self-ventilating openings throughout the cell structure, allowing air to circulate more freely. This pressure sensitive foam molds to your individual shape to provide contouring comfort. Refreshing air flow keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.

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Sleep Style Side Sleeper, Back Sleeper, Stomach Sleeper

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