The Mattress Sleep System

Would you buy a new car with old tires and a terrible exhaust system? Probably not. Often, people buy a new mattress but keep the same old pillows, mattress pads and box springs. The mattress is an important part of the Mattress Sleep System but pillows, mattress protectors and adjustable bases should be selected for each sleeper to maximize the quality of sleep. Our patented diagnostic system, Sleep Metrics, will help you select the best comfort index for a mattress and the best pillow, protector and adjustable base for your individual needs. Take the diagnostic test online or at any of our 14 St. Louis metro area locations. We discuss best practices for mattress shopping in our blog article, How to Shop for a Mattress. The pillow, protector and adjustable base are an important part of the Mattress Sleep System. Let’s look at each of these in a little more depth to get a clearer understanding on the Mattress Sleep System.

The Pillow

Often overlooked as simply an accessory or a non-essential part of the Mattress Sleep System, the pillow plays a large role in the support and comfort of any mattress. Our Sleep Metrics diagnostic test matches you with the proper pillow before we show you any mattresses. The proper pillow is determined by factors such as: whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, frequency of tossing and turning, and the support level that you require. Choosing the correct pillow is an important part of selecting the right mattress sleep system.

The Protector

Most people are probably familiar with a mattress pad but may not be as familiar with the Mattress Protector. When you buy a new mattress, you need protection for that mattress not additional padding. You should choose the proper comfort in the new mattress and then select a mattress protector to keep dust, dead skin and perspiration from getting into the new mattress. Preventing dust and dead skin from getting into your mattress will keep dust mites out of your mattress and provide a cleaner, more hygienic sleep surface. A mattress protector is a key part of the Mattress Sleep System.

The Adjustable Base

Adjustable Bases and Platform Beds are quickly becoming a popular alternative to the box spring. While a platform bed replaces the box spring with a sturdy, flat surface for the box spring, the adjustable bed offers many exceptional convenience and plentiful health benefits. The adjustable base is an integral part of the mattress sleep system, allowing you to elevate your head and legs. Elevating your head eases pressure on the lower back, while making it easier to breathe. Snoring can be reduced with elevation of the head and shoulders as well. Elevating your legs helps with circulation and eases the workload on the heart through the night, allowing a deeper, more restful sleep. So go ahead and put your feet up after a long day.

Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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