The Importance of Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is not always good enough.  Poor quality of sleep can lead to the same common issues as lack of sleep, such as fatigue, lack of focus, loss of mental and physical acuity, and moodiness.  Quality Sleep is an important part of healthy life, providing the energy we need to enjoy our lives.  Let's examine why poor quality of sleep impacts your physical and mental well-being.

Quality Sleep is important

How Sleep Works

There are 5 stages of sleep, which run in a cycle over and over throughout the night.  These stages run successively and if the cycle is interrupted, it must begin again at stage 1.  The 5 stages are divided into two classifications, NREM and REM.  NREM (Non-REM Sleep) consists of the first four stages of sleep.  Stage 1 is the transition to sleep and we can be easily awoken.  Stage 2 is light sleep and we move around slightly.  Stage 3 is the transition to deep sleep.  Stage 4 is deep sleep.  This is stage of sleep where most of the physical restoration of the body takes place.  Stage 5 is REM Sleep.  Increases in brain activity, heart and perspiration occur in this stage of sleep.  This is also the stage of sleep in which our dreams occur.  There is much to learn still about REM Sleep, but what is known is that when your sleep is interrupted often, you will experience less deep sleep and REM Sleep.  These are the most important stages for the quality of your sleep.


Common Sleep Disruptions

Here are some common issues that may cause a disruption in your sleep cycle. Any of these disruptions can decrease the quality of your sleep and affect your attitude and mood in a negative way.

  • Back, Hip, Shoulder, Neck Pain
  • Partner Movement
  • Sagging Mattress
  • Sleeping Hot or Cold
  • Lack of Support in Mattress
  • Loud Noises

What can you do to improve the quality of your sleep?

In this day and age life can be hectic and full of obstacles and disruptions.  But if we can commit to making small changes in our behaviors to improve the quality of our sleep, we will be better equipped to deal with life's challenges.  So, identify where your sleep is being disrupted and take steps to limit or remove these disruptions.

Check out our Sleep Tips for some additional information on how you can improve the quality of your sleep.


Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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