The Emergence of the Adjustable Bed

Once commonly referred to as a “hospital bed”, the adjustable base is becoming a standard part of the mattress sleep system.  The adjustable base features many great advantages for everyone; young or old, healthy or sick.  There are many options available with adjustable bases, ranging from the basic head up and feet up to models with massage and Bluetooth controls.  Almost all mattresses are designed to work with an adjustable base now, so you are not limited to a particular mattress type or brand.  If you are considering purchasing a new mattress, we recommend that you consider purchasing an adjustable base as well.


Why purchase an adjustable base?

The most basic function of an adjustable base is to lift or elevate your head and legs.  Elevating your head has several benefits to healthy sleep.  Elevating your head can actually relieve tension in the lower back.  The lumbar section of our 5000-Base-ANGLEspine curves and a slight elevation of the head of the bed can reduce stress on the lumbar area of the back.  Sleeping on a flat bed doesn’t allow the mattress to fully contour to the lumbar section of our spine.  Elevating the head also allows for easier breathing, can help reduce snoring and is helpful if you have a cold.  Of course, reading, watching TV, and using a laptop or tablet is more comfortable with your head elevated.  Raising your legs can be beneficial in several ways as well.  Raising your legs takes some tension off of your lower back.  If you were to stand up straight, with your legs extended fully, you would very quickly feel very uncomfortable.  Now if you ease your stance, you would bend your knees slightly and lean forward ever so slightly.  The body is more at ease in this position.  Elevating your legs can also help with blood circulation.  When your legs are elevated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood to them, which can help you get a deeper, more restorative sleep at night.

Can I add an adjustable base to my current mattress?

Most all foam mattresses will work with an adjustable mattress without any problem.  Many spring mattresses that have been made within the last few years were designed to be compatible with adjustable base.  Feel free to contact one of our 14 St. Louis metro area locations to see if one of our Sleep Experts can help you find the right adjustable base for you.

The Big Takeaway

The adjustable base is becoming a standard part of buying a new mattress and may be just as important as the actual mattress, especially for people with lower back pain. Visit any of our 15 St. Louis metro area locations and talk to one of our Sleep Experts about finding the right mattress and adjustable base for your needs.
Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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