Sleep Well to Slim Up

Is it really that easy? Just sleep well and slim up.

Advertisements for weight loss are hard to miss these days. Everyday new products pop up on TV, radio and the internet promising to help you lose weight by taking a pill, signing up for a meal plan or joining a gym. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are universally accepted as the most tried and true way of losing weight but is there an even easier way to slim up?

We are busier than ever and our sleep suffers for it

Most adults in today’s society are “on the go” for longer hours than previous generations. This additional activity almost always cuts into sleeping time, thus reducing the quality of your sleep. Sleeping less leads to feeling tired and presents more opportunities to eat at inopportune times for our bodies. Proper sleep is required for the body to fully repair itself. Cheating our bodies out of sleep can lead to additional stress, which in turn leads to weight gain. Check out our sleep tips for some recommendations on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

Quality sleep is a very important part of a healthy life

According to a study by the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group, participants showed a “significant positive relationship between sleep duration and the loss of body fat.” Sleeping well can actually help you lose weight.


Sleep well to slim up

An old, worn out mattress can be a detriment to the quality of your sleep

Many people underestimate the age of their mattress or just simply ignore the signs that it is time to replace their old mattress. Mattresses that have lost support over the years can lead to interruptions in your sleep cycle, which leads to a poor quality of sleep. Some people are sleeping on mattresses that are completely wrong for their body type or needs. Some common reasons to be reasons to replace your mattress can be found here.

So, how do you find the right mattress for you?

The Bedroom Store offers a unique tool to match you to the perfect mattress. The Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Process is a brief survey about your sleep habits and your individual sleep related issues. The Sleep Metrics Process calculates the information that you input and determines the proper Comfort Index score for you. Then our sleep experts can help you find the right mattress.

All of the mattresses that The Bedroom Store offers are matched with a corresponding Comfort Index to help you easily identify the most comfortable and supportive mattress for you. The Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Process is quick, easy and can be done online or in any of our 15 St. Louis Metro and Metro East area The Bedroom Store locations.

Sleep well and slim up St. Louis!

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