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  • Happy Halloween!

    Don’t Turn into a Walking Zombie

    Lack of quality sleep can turn anyone into a walking zombie.  Your body and mind need good sleep to function at their highest levels.  Improved mood, health and even weight loss can be enhanced by getting good, quality sleep.  Proper support and pressure relief in your mattress can improve the quality of your sleep but most people put off buying a new mattress for many reasons.  Keep reading to find out how you can avoid the common pitfalls of mattress buying and avoid becoming a walking zombie.

    Halloween Pumpkin

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  • How to shop for a mattress

    Educate yourself about the different types of mattresses available

    Shopping for a mattress can be an overwhelming process.  There are many types of mattresses available in the marketplace.  The most common types of mattresses are innerspring (coil), hybrid, memory foam, latex foam, adjustable air beds and even waterbeds.  Each mattress type provides its own unique feel and support.  Knowing what to expect when you go shopping and familiarizing yourself with the different types of mattresses will help you make an educated decision. Also, take the time to learn a few mattress industry terms.

    how to shop for a mattress

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  • Which mattress is best?

    There are so many types of mattresses available today that it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide which mattress is best for you.  Shopping for a mattress can be like trying to learn a new language.  There are many industry terms which can become confusing for the average shopper.  Most people don’t want to get a master’s degree in mattresses, they just want to sleep better.
    Mattress and Box Spring

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  • The A - Z of Mattresses

    Learn about mattress industry terms to sharpen your mattress knowledge

    Shopping for a mattress can be like learning a new language with all the industry specific terms.  Unless you work in the industry, you may not have a good grasp of the terminology associated with mattresses.  So, here are some mattress industry terms to help you become a mattress expert!

    A to Z of Mattress Terms

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  • Memory Foam vs. Latex Foam: Something to consider

    The undisputed king of mattress foams is memory foam but does latex foam have a brighter future?  There is no denying that memory foam dominates the mattress market right now.  Memory Foam is not only a type of mattress but is also used in coil mattresses, which are commonly referred to as hybrid mattresses.  Memory Foam is certainly popular but could latex foam be the next big thing?  Latex foam has largely remained a specialty mattress within the U.S. market. While latex foam mattresses represent almost half of the bedding market in Europe, they have never experienced great popularity in the U.S.  Latex foam mattresses can gain greater U.S. market share because latex foam offers a light, airy alternative to the dense, conforming support of memory foam, a “cool” story, and a strong brand in the marketplace.
    Memory Foam vs. Latex Foam

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  • Our Five Star Guarantee


    The Bedroom Store’s Five-Star Guarantee is a promise of quality service, products and a commitment to providing a superior customer experience. These five guarantees are designed to ensure we are providing the best possible shopping experience. The Bedroom Store offers the best selection and price on brands like Broyhill, Thomasville, Serta, Stearns and Foster, Tempur-Pedic and iZone. Sleep on your new mattress quickly with fast, free delivery. The Bedroom Store sleep experts have tools like the Sleep Metrics Diagnostic test to help find the right mattress for you. Here’s a breakdown of the Five-Star Guarantee:

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  • Sleep Well to Slim Up

    Is it really that easy? Just sleep well and slim up.

    Advertisements for weight loss are hard to miss these days. Everyday new products pop up on TV, radio and the internet promising to help you lose weight by taking a pill, signing up for a meal plan or joining a gym. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are universally accepted as the most tried and true way of losing weight but is there an even easier way to slim up?

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