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  • Top 10 Reasons to Replace your Mattress

    What else in your life do you use as much as your mattress? Hopefully, you spend 8 quality hours of sleep every night on a comfortable mattress. The proper amount and quality of sleep can have a dramatic impact on your life and your mattress plays a large role in this. However, most people ignore the signs that it's time to replace their old mattress. So, here's list of reasons to replace your mattress.


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  • The Importance of Quality Sleep

    Getting enough sleep is not always good enough.  Poor quality of sleep can lead to the same common issues as lack of sleep, such as fatigue, lack of focus, loss of mental and physical acuity, and moodiness.  Quality Sleep is an important part of healthy life, providing the energy we need to enjoy our lives.  Let's examine why poor quality of sleep impacts your physical and mental well-being.

    Quality Sleep is important

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  • The Mattress Sleep System

    Would you buy a new car with old tires and a terrible exhaust system? Probably not. Often, people buy a new mattress but keep the same old pillows, mattress pads and box springs. The mattress is an important part of the Mattress Sleep System but pillows, mattress protectors and adjustable bases should be selected for each sleeper to maximize the quality of sleep. Our patented diagnostic system, Sleep Metrics, will help you select the best comfort index for a mattress and the best pillow, protector and adjustable base for your individual needs. Take the diagnostic test online or at any of our 14 St. Louis metro area locations. We discuss best practices for mattress shopping in our blog article, How to Shop for a Mattress. The pillow, protector and adjustable base are an important part of the Mattress Sleep System. Let’s look at each of these in a little more depth to get a clearer understanding on the Mattress Sleep System.

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  • The Emergence of the Adjustable Bed

    Once commonly referred to as a “hospital bed”, the adjustable base is becoming a standard part of the mattress sleep system.  The adjustable base features many great advantages for everyone; young or old, healthy or sick.  There are many options available with adjustable bases, ranging from the basic head up and feet up to models with massage and Bluetooth controls.  Almost all mattresses are designed to work with an adjustable base now, so you are not limited to a particular mattress type or brand.  If you are considering purchasing a new mattress, we recommend that you consider purchasing an adjustable base as well.


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  • New Mattress - What else do you need?

    Purchasing a new mattress is a great step toward getting better sleep, but what else do you need to pair with your new mattress to optimize the quality of your sleep and to protect your investment?  Often people buy a new mattress but skip buying new pillows, mattress protectors and the adjustable base.  The pillow is an important part of any sleep system while the mattress protectors are a must for any new mattress purchase.  The adjustable base has many benefits that can lead to improved sleep.

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  • New Year's Resolutions

    happy_new_yearMany people like to make New Year’s resolutions to get healthier by dieting or exercising, but rarely does anyone say “I’m going to get better sleep this year to improve my health.” As explained in our blog post “Sleep Well to Slim Up”, you can improve your health simply by getting better quality sleep. So, if you’re writing your resolutions right now, add quality sleep to the list. Our Mission Statement at The Bedroom Store is “Quality Sleep for a Better Life.” Let us help you find the quality sleep you deserve to improve your health, mood and productivity.

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  • Proper Support and Pressure Relief

    The ideal mattress will provide proper support to promote postural alignment while relieving pressure to improve circulation and reduce pressure points.  All mattresses will provide support and pressure relief in differing levels.  So, how do you find out which mattress offers the proper support and pressure relief for you?  The Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Process will help you find the ideal mattress with proper support and pressure relief.

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  • Innerspring vs. Foam Mattresses: What's the difference?

    Innerspring mattresses, also known as coil or spring mattresses, are the most common mattresses in our homes today.  However, foam mattresses have seen enormous growth over the last few years.  There are many types of foam mattresses available today.  The most popular innerspring mattresses are pocketed coil mattresses while the most popular foam mattresses are memory foam and latex foam.  Innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses differ in the type of the top of the mattress, support structure of the mattress and type of support the mattress offers.

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