One Stop Mattress Shopping

By Tom Speichinger - Manager at The Bedroom Store in Fairview Heights, IL

Scott and Amy came into The Bedroom Store in Fairview Heights with their family looking to purchase a new bedroom set for their new home.

They had been to numerous competitors’ stores and also searched online, looking for something in oak, which was of high quality.

Honey Creek Bedroom Set

I showed them our Honey Creek Oak Collection and they fell in love with it instantly. I told them about our free delivery and the $59 set up fee, and they were quite impressed with our prices compared to what they had seen at other places.

I also explained that with the purchase of a 4 piece bedroom set, they were entitled to our Free Mattress promotion or a $200 discount off any mattress in the store.  I explained that we had a Sleep Metrics diagnostic process that would show them the proper support for the mattress and the pillow.

After going through the process, I showed them a Serta Hybrid Applause Firm mattress which they both liked.  They really liked that the system picked a mattress and pillows that was compatible for both of them.

They really liked the I Love My Pillow and bought two, one for each of them, as well as pillow encasements.  They also purchased a mattress protector and sheets that will work with their new mattress.  Scott and Amy were really impressed that The Bedroom Store was a store they could come to and make shopping for a mattress a one store experience.

Everyone in the family was so impressed with the pillows that two days after the delivery, Scott came back and bought three more I Love My Pillows because the kids kept “borrowing” his.  He said that the delivery and set up was done in a very professional manner and that he would recommend us to all his friends.

- Tom

Come try out all of our large selection of mattresses and bedroom furniture. Don't worry about all the hassles of shopping. Enjoy our great selection of memory foam, latex foam, innerspring, hybrid and air bed mattresses, which all come with our 90 Night Comfort Guarantee.

Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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