New Year's Resolutions

happy_new_yearMany people like to make New Year’s resolutions to get healthier by dieting or exercising, but rarely does anyone say “I’m going to get better sleep this year to improve my health.” As explained in our blog post “Sleep Well to Slim Up”, you can improve your health simply by getting better quality sleep. So, if you’re writing your resolutions right now, add quality sleep to the list. Our Mission Statement at The Bedroom Store is “Quality Sleep for a Better Life.” Let us help you find the quality sleep you deserve to improve your health, mood and productivity.

Does your list of New Year’s resolutions include getting better sleep?

The science of sleep is in its infancy yet there is undeniable proof that lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can have deleterious effects on the human body and mind. Lacking or poor sleep contributes to auto accidents, loss of productivity and mood swings.

What is quality sleep?

Quality sleep occurs when your body is properly supported and subjected to the least amount of pressure possible, as explained in our blog article "Proper Support vs. Pressure Relief". When your body is properly supported, there is less stress on your body, allowing your muscles to relax throughout the night. Pressure restricts blood flow in certain areas of your body, causing you to toss and turn, which reduces the quality of your sleep. Proper pressure relief is vitally important for quality sleep.

Factors that can decrease your quality of sleep

Many factors can decrease the quality of your sleep. Some are easy to fix, while others may require a more dramatic change. Your bedroom should a dark, quiet sanctuary when you are sleeping. Excessive noise and light can interrupt your sleep cycle and cause the quality of your sleep to suffer. A broken down or worn out mattress can be lacking in support and pressure relief, which leads to fragmented sleep because of the poor spinal alignment and pressure points. A poor diet and alcohol consumption right before bed also contribute to the reduced effectiveness of sleep. Check out our Sleep Tips page for additional ways to improve your sleep.

Quick tips to increase the quality of your sleep

Create a Sleep Sanctuary
Make your bedroom all about good sleep. Keep your a bedroom cool, comfortable and stress free environment.
Buy a good mattress
People often wait too long to replace their worn out mattress. Proper support and pressure relief are paramount to proper sleep.
Get your exercise
30 minutes of exercise is ideal for good healthy sleep.
Stick to a sleep schedule
Try to go to sleep at the same time every night. Similarly, try to wake up at the same time every morning.

Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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