New Mattress - What else do you need?

Purchasing a new mattress is a great step toward getting better sleep, but what else do you need to pair with your new mattress to optimize the quality of your sleep and to protect your investment?  Often people buy a new mattress but skip buying new pillows, mattress protectors and the adjustable base.  The pillow is an important part of any sleep system while the mattress protectors are a must for any new mattress purchase.  The adjustable base has many benefits that can lead to improved sleep.

Pillows are an integral part of the comfort of a mattress

Pillows are an often overlooked part of the sleep system.  A supportive, pressure relieving mattress is designed to provide contouring comfort for your body but if you don’t have the right pillow, the mattress’ effectiveness is reduced.  Your neck and head require support and pressure relief just as the rest of your body does but depending on various factors, including your sleep position and gender, the choice of the proper pillow is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.  Our Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Evaluation analyzes sleep related input from you to determine the best mattress for you, as well as the best pillow.  Don’t underestimate the power of the pillow.

Mattress protectors shield your new mattress from dust and dead skin

We shed millions of skin cells every night as we sleep.  These cells, as well as dust and dust mites, settle through our sheets and into our mattress, if the mattress is not protected properly.  Newer technology in mattress protectors provide the mattress with protection from dust, dead skin and dust mites.  These mattress protectors also protect against liquids and stains while allowing for heat transfer to maintain a proper sleeping temperature.  Protecting your mattress with the proper mattress protector will also keep your warranty intact.  Keep your mattress clean and hygienic, while increasing the durability of your mattress, with the proper mattress protector.

The adjustable base can benefit everyone

The adjustable base is becoming a standard part of every new mattress.  Also referred to as a power base or a lifestyle base, the adjustable base features many benefits for everyone, regardless of age or health.  Elevating the head of the bed makes it easier to breath, helps reduce snoring in some cases, and provides additional back support.  Elevating your feet and legs can help improve circulation, easing the workload on your heart.  Consider purchasing an adjustable base with your new mattress.

Pillows, mattress protectors and the adjustable base are important items to consider when purchasing a new mattress.  Quality sleep is a critical part of a healthy life.


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