Memory Foam vs. Latex Foam: Something to consider

The undisputed king of mattress foams is memory foam but does latex foam have a brighter future?  There is no denying that memory foam dominates the mattress market right now.  Memory Foam is not only a type of mattress but is also used in coil mattresses, which are commonly referred to as hybrid mattresses.  Memory Foam is certainly popular but could latex foam be the next big thing?  Latex foam has largely remained a specialty mattress within the U.S. market. While latex foam mattresses represent almost half of the bedding market in Europe, they have never experienced great popularity in the U.S.  Latex foam mattresses can gain greater U.S. market share because latex foam offers a light, airy alternative to the dense, conforming support of memory foam, a “cool” story, and a strong brand in the marketplace.
Memory Foam vs. Latex Foam

Latex foam mattresses offer a distinctly different feel than memory foam mattresses.  Latex foam provides an immediate response when a sleeper turns over or changes position, which gives latex foam mattresses a light, airy feel.  This differs from the slow moving, “quicksand” feel of memory foam.  For individuals of advanced age or extra weight, memory foam can be tough to move around in.  This presents latex foam with a grand opportunity for growth in the marketplace by providing a soft, conforming sleep surface that responds quickly to a sleeper’s movement, while providing durable support and outstanding pressure relief.

There are many derivatives of memory foam that promise to keep the bed cool.  Latex foam doesn’t need to make that promise.  The construction and natural properties of latex ensure that latex foam mattresses sleep at a comfortable temperature all night.  Talalay Latex Foam, used in Thomasville Ultra Latex models, is constructed with vertical holes through the foam, which allows heat from your body to pass through the bed.  Latex foam consists of a large portion of organic material, which outperforms the synthetic materials used in memory foam.  Latex foam is naturally cooler than memory foam and that’s pretty “cool”.

Thomasville Latex Foam mattresses offer great value, quality construction and a brand name in the latex foam mattress marketplace.  Latex foam mattresses are finding their way onto more retail floors and Thomasville Latex Foam mattresses are contributing to that trend.  Thomasville offers two lines of latex foam mattresses.  The Natural Flex Supreme line is made with Dunlop Latex and features the patented Channel Vented Foamspring design.  The Natural Flex Ultra line features Talalay Latex, Dunlop Latex, Channel Vented FoamSpring, and Intellitemp material in the cover.  Thomasville Latex Foam mattresses provide comfortable support, great value and outstanding quality.


Experience the difference a latex foam mattress can make in your life at any of our 14 St. Louis metro locations or shop online.

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