Satisfied Customer Loves Her New Mattress

By Jason Lankford - Manager of The Bedroom Store in Bridgeton, MO

My customer came into the Bridgeton Bedroom Store to look at mattresses, and had been to a few stores before mine.  I was told she felt pressured towards certain brands even when she expressed she did not like the feel.

She had some very specific medical issues, including hip pain, lower back pain, and neck pain, that the other store selections did not address. She stated she felt as if other stores sales person didn’t hear a thing she had told them.

Thomasville Momentum Mattress

I went through the Sleep Metrics diagnostic survey, and ran her profile. Then we chose 4 mattresses from her results that fit all her criteria.

We tried all 4 mattresses, and she really felt as though the Thomasville Momentum II addressed her issues and fit her the best.

She really loved the contouring of the gel memory foam, which surprised her, because she had preconceived ideas that memory foam was bad.

We then addressed her neck pain with 3 different pillows, and had her test each out by laying on the bed she chose with each pillow.

She came to the conclusion that she felt really good with the Broyhill Clima Comfort pillow and Thomasville Momentum II mattress as her final choices.

We sat at the desk to do some paperwork and she mentioned she hoped that she had made the correct choice. I told her that when I listen to my clients needs, and my client listens to her body, that very rarely the wrong choice is made.

Then I reassured her even more with our 90 Night Comfort Guarantee.

We finished our financing paperwork, and now 60 days or so later, she is loving her new bed, and considering adding an adjustable base to it in the near future.

- Jason

Our company Mission Statement is "Quality Sleep for a Better Life". We believe that our commitment to training and education, coupled with our great selection and diagnostic tools to help you find the right mattress make The Bedroom Store the best retailer for the purchase of your new mattress.

Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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