Foundation or Box Spring: What's the Difference

A long time ago in retail stores across the country, the box spring reigned supreme.

The age of the box spring

The original box spring was exactly what is sounds like: a box with springs. The original design of the box spring was meant to help support the coils in the mattress and improve the lifespan of the mattress.


A new age has begun

The foundation, sometimes referred to as a box spring, is constructed differently than a box spring. Foundations are constructed out of wood slats or MDF board to form a box that the mattress will sit on. Foundations and box springs look very similar and are often referred to as the same item. Foundations have no give while box springs should have some give to them.

Foundations are typically used for foam mattresses and air bed mattresses, which just need a solid flat surface for the mattress to sit on.

Technological improvements in the coil units and foams used in mattresses today have mostly eliminated the need for the coils in the box spring. However, Serta still uses a semi-flex box spring with all of their mattresses.

A look at current trends

Platform beds and adjustable bases are extremely popular items replacing box springs and foundations. These items are expected to continue to grow in popularity, further reducing the prominence of the box spring and foundation.

Platform beds are popular for upgrading the size of a bed within a room without changing all of the furniture. Adjustable bases work with most new mattresses and offer great comfort and convenience.


Platform Bed
Platform beds have a slatted or solid surface platform that eliminates the need for a box spring or foundation. Some platform frames are actually cheaper than a box spring and bed frame.Adjustable bases sit under a mattress, take the place of a box spring or foundation and elevate the head and feet of the mattress.

Adjustable bases offer comfort, convenience and support to a mattress in a way that no box spring or foundation can. The growth of the adjustable bed market is expected to continue at its current feverish pace.


Adjustable Base


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