Finding the Right Mattress

By Beth Hoechst - Manager at The Bedroom Store in Edwardsville, IL

Bill and Kelly came into the Edwardsville Bedroom Store not knowing what kind of mattress they wanted, but told me they were on a budget.

They informed me that they would be moving in a year or two and although they did not have room for a king now, they wanted to purchase a king when they bought their new house.

Broyhill Memory Foam Mattress

Therefore, they wanted something comfortable, of course, but didn’t want to spend several thousands on a mattress that would be used as a guest bed in only a year or two.

I explained to them that we have mattresses in all price ranges, but first we needed to do the Sleep Metrics diagnostics to see what was right for them.

After doing the Sleep Metrics diagnostic test, I showed them the Broyhill memory foam mattresses. Because they both slept warm, I recommended the gel memory foam line.

They both loved the Broyhill Sensura 6100 Gel Memory Foam mattress and were happy that they could find a mattress they loved in their price range.

I explained that we were having a free box spring promotion going on, as well as free delivery and installation.

Kelly told me that although they had planned on going to a few different stores to shop they were so pleased with the diagnostic system and the Broyhill promotion they did not feel the need to shop elsewhere. She stated that we made it much easier than she had thought.

Furthermore, they both said they would be back to purchase their king mattress set when they moved and are going to tell others to shop at The Bedroom Store.

- Beth

Visit Beth at the Edwardsville location to take the Sleep Metrics diagnostic evaluation or take the test online before you shop. We offer the best selection, best prices and fast, free delivery and we guarantee your satisfaction with our 90 Night Comfort Guarantee.

Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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