Find the Best Mattress for Back Support

By Jason Nickel - Manager of The Bedroom Store in Mehlville, MO

Welcome In

Mr & Mrs M. came into the Mehlville location on a Wednesday afternoon. As I approached the customer I noticed that Mr. M. had his head down and looked like he didn’t want to be in the store at all.

I shook both of their hands, smiled and introduced myself. I asked what brought them into the store today and they said that they were looking for a cheap mattress to replace the existing one. They felt they needed better back support.

Best Mattress for Bad Back Support

Our Patented Diagnostic Evaluation

I then asked if I could take them through the Sleep Metrics process to eliminate confusion and they agreed. After going through the sleep metrics process they both started to become more relaxed. I proceeded to show them the Thomasville latex and memory foam lines. We talked about how the different types of mattresses offered different types of support for their back.

They commented on how all of the mattresses they laid on so far were comfortable but still were unsure about making a purchase.

The Mattress Choice is Made

After trying a few innerspring mattresses they decided to try the Broyhill 6130 Memory Foam Mattress. Then they said the mattress felt good against their hips and shoulders and Mr M was pleased with the support underneath his back.

Mr and Mrs M. decided to purchase the queen 6130 along with an adjustable lifestyle base and a mattress protector. After they made the purchase, they mentioned that one of the main reasons they purchased from The Bedroom Store was because I took the time to listen to their personal needs.

Broyhill 6130 Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Click here to view the 6130 Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

I enjoy helping people find the best mattress for good back support, which therefore helps them get quality sleep for a healthier life.

- Jason

Our company mission statement is Quality Sleep for a Better Life. We believe that improved quality of sleep will impact your life in a positive manner. Furthermore, we offer a large selection of quality mattresses at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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