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  • Foundation or Box Spring: What's the Difference

    A long time ago in retail stores across the country, the box spring reigned supreme.

    The age of the box spring

    The original box spring was exactly what is sounds like: a box with springs. The original design of the box spring was meant to help support the coils in the mattress and improve the lifespan of the mattress.


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  • Mattress Types Explained

    There are so many types of mattresses available in today’s marketplace that the process of mattress shopping can feel overwhelming. Don't let the selection get you down. Our Sleep Experts have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right mattress.

    Here is a breakdown of the most popular types of mattresses available:

    Memory Foam

    Visco Elastic Memory Foam was developed by NASA for the space program almost 50 years ago. Memory Foam was introduced into the mattress market in the early '90's and has been constantly evolving since then. Memory Foam is a dense, supportive temperature sensitive foam designed to contour your body's unique shape to relieve pressure points. This pressure relief allows you to reach the deep REM sleep, which is the stage of sleep that is most restorative for your body and mind.

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  • Mattress Terms You Should Know

    Technology and continued product research and development is leading to new and improved mattress choices for consumers but the breadth of mattress options can be overwhelming. There are many variations of mattress components and these components are constantly being improved and updated. So, to help alleviate some of the confusion of the mattress shopping experience, we have put together a list of 5 mattress terms that you should know before buying a mattress.
    mattress terms

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  • Anatomy of a Platform Bed

    Platform beds are available in many different styles and materials but they all share one thing in common: you won't need a box spring. The platform part of a platform bed consists of a multitude of slats, a wire mesh or a solid surface platform, which provides support for the mattress. Platform beds are made in several styles like: metal, upholstered, wood and platform bed frames. Whether you're looking to upgrade the size of the bed in a room without changing the furniture or just looking to spruce up the decor of a bedroom, the platform bed offers a functional and stylish addition to any bedroom.

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  • Better Air Bed Mattress Technology

    Air bed mattresses are great for couples who have differing support and comfort needs in their mattress. Even though two people share the same mattress, they often have different areas of pain and/or preference of firmness. The air bed mattress allows each individual to adjust the firmness to their desired preference or to suit their individual support needs. Thomasville Synchrony Air Beds offer better air bed mattress technology with the 6 Chamber Air Bed technology, which allows each individual to adjust the support in the lumbar region of the bed for targeted lower back support.

    Thomasville Synchrony Air Bed Mattress

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  • 5 Do's and Don'ts of Mattress Buying

    Buying a new mattress can be an overwhelming process if you try to research every mattress type, style and manufacturer. There are tens of thousands of mattress websites and over 600 mattress manufacturers in the U.S. alone. Each manufacturer offers a plethora of mattress models that vary in construction, quality and even the model names differ between retailers. New technologies and improvements are constantly being introduced into the marketplace. There is a ton of information out there on the vast highways of the internet. But how do you make sense of all of it? Here are a list of some do's and don'ts while mattress shopping to help alleviate some of the confusion.

    5 mattress buying do's and don'ts

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  • The Mattress Sleep System

    Would you buy a new car with old tires and a terrible exhaust system? Probably not. Often, people buy a new mattress but keep the same old pillows, mattress pads and box springs. The mattress is an important part of the Mattress Sleep System but pillows, mattress protectors and adjustable bases should be selected for each sleeper to maximize the quality of sleep. Our patented diagnostic system, Sleep Metrics, will help you select the best comfort index for a mattress and the best pillow, protector and adjustable base for your individual needs. Take the diagnostic test online or at any of our 14 St. Louis metro area locations. We discuss best practices for mattress shopping in our blog article, How to Shop for a Mattress. The pillow, protector and adjustable base are an important part of the Mattress Sleep System. Let’s look at each of these in a little more depth to get a clearer understanding on the Mattress Sleep System.

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  • The Emergence of the Adjustable Bed

    Once commonly referred to as a “hospital bed”, the adjustable base is becoming a standard part of the mattress sleep system.  The adjustable base features many great advantages for everyone; young or old, healthy or sick.  There are many options available with adjustable bases, ranging from the basic head up and feet up to models with massage and Bluetooth controls.  Almost all mattresses are designed to work with an adjustable base now, so you are not limited to a particular mattress type or brand.  If you are considering purchasing a new mattress, we recommend that you consider purchasing an adjustable base as well.


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