Better Air Bed Mattress Technology

Air bed mattresses are great for couples who have differing support and comfort needs in their mattress. Even though two people share the same mattress, they often have different areas of pain and/or preference of firmness. The air bed mattress allows each individual to adjust the firmness to their desired preference or to suit their individual support needs. Thomasville Synchrony Air Beds offer better air bed mattress technology with the 6 Chamber Air Bed technology, which allows each individual to adjust the support in the lumbar region of the bed for targeted lower back support.

Thomasville Synchrony Air Bed Mattress

6 Chamber Air Bed Technology available in the Thomasville Synchrony Air Bed Mattress

Adjustable Lumbar Section for Targeted Lower Back Support

The 6 Chamber technology allows each individual sleeper to customize the comfort and support of the mattress on their side. The lumbar region can be adjusted to each individual's preferred support level, separate from the head and the foot sections. The ability to adjust these sections individually allows each sleeper to adjust the support of their side of the mattress and avoid the hammock effect. The hammock effect can occur in older, worn out mattresses when the support is gone and the mattress caves in towards the middle. Air bed mattress that don't have the 6 Chamber technology will produce the hammock effect when they are set a very soft setting. The sleeper will sink more in the middle of the mattress than at the head and feet. This is the hammock effect and can cause lower back discomfort or pain because the body is not in correct postural alignment.

Sleep Better Together with the Thomasville Synchrony Air Bed Mattress

Experience the difference of the Thomasville Synchrony Air Bed Mattress today! Shop with confidence with our 90 Night Comfort Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!

6 Chamber Air Bed Technology

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