Good, Better or Best Mattress Choice

By Seth Thompson - Sleep Expert at The Bedroom Store in Fairview Heights, IL

Narrow down the best mattress choices with our diagnostic test

Mack knew that it was time for a new mattress but wasn’t sure what he was looking for. He also knew that he didn’t want to spend a great deal but he wanted the best mattress for his money.

When he walked into the Fairview Heights Bedroom Store, he was hoping to find the best bang for his buck. I approached him and after getting a feel of what he was hoping to accomplish, I directed him to the Sleep Metrics Diagnostics test to help me find the best mattresses to show him.

Best Mattress for your money

He was pleased to hear that I had a way to reduce the pain that he has been living with in his lower back, as well as being able to address his acid reflux concerns. He was enthralled by the release of stress on his back as I elevated him on an adjustable base but I could see a look of concern come across his face.

Mattress choices in several price points

Mack confided that as a retired individual he is living on a fixed budget and while he thought this was the best mattress and adjustable base combination, he feared it would be too costly for him.

Then, I showed him three similar options in comfort that varied in price so that he could make a decision that he would be happy with. After taking the time to lie on each one and test out the features he decided that the middle option was the best mattress for him.

He told me that in all of his life he had never before been presented with the choices of good, better or best when it came to making similar purchases. After making his decision, he inquired as to when we would be able to deliver his new mattress and base to his home.

Choosing a mattress is easy at The Bedroom Store

As I went over the options of our fast, free delivery, the look of dismay returned to his face. He proceeded to explain that he was really hoping that he could have it delivered the next day.

Overhearing the conversation, Jeff Messler, the manager of the Fairview Heights Bedroom Store, took the initiative to call the warehouse and inquire about the feasibility of having Mack’s purchase added to the next day’s delivery schedule.

With some clever planning and rearranging on behalf of the warehouse we were able to honor Mack’s request to have his delivery time-frame met. He was so pleased that as I walked him out to his car to help him carry his new pillows and a mattress protector, he hugged me and thanked me again for making the accommodations for him.

Fast, Free Delivery on Mattresses

Take advantage of our Fast, Free Delivery!

- Seth

At The Bedroom Store, we have a large selection of mattresses for every budget and we guarantee your 100% Satisfaction. Take the Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Evaluation online or at any of our 15 St. Louis metro area locations.

Sleep Well St. Louis!!

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