Anatomy of a Platform Bed

Platform beds are available in many different styles and materials but they all share one thing in common: you won't need a box spring. The platform part of a platform bed consists of a multitude of slats, a wire mesh or a solid surface platform, which provides support for the mattress. Platform beds are made in several styles like: metal, upholstered, wood and platform bed frames. Whether you're looking to upgrade the size of the bed in a room without changing the furniture or just looking to spruce up the decor of a bedroom, the platform bed offers a functional and stylish addition to any bedroom.

 Examples of the Support Structure of Most Platform Beds

Most platform beds consist of a support structure of wood slats, wire mesh or a solid surface. These surfaces provide the solid, sturdy support that a mattress needs to perform properly, eliminating the need for a box spring.

Platform Beds Styles

Don't settle for anything but exactly what you want. Platform beds come in many different styles and finishes to match your home decor. Choose from metal platform beds, wood platform beds, upholstered platform beds and simple metal platform bed frames.

Common Uses of the Platform Bed

  • Replace a smaller size bed without having to replace the whole bedroom set
  • Update the decor of any bedroom with a stylish platform bed
  • Buy a platform bed instead of a box spring and bed frame to add stylish decor to any room without spending much more
  • Replace that squeaky box spring with a sturdy and silent platform bed frame

Make it easy on yourself.

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