The A - Z of Mattresses

Learn about mattress industry terms to sharpen your mattress knowledge

Shopping for a mattress can be like learning a new language with all the industry specific terms.  Unless you work in the industry, you may not have a good grasp of the terminology associated with mattresses.  So, here are some mattress industry terms to help you become a mattress expert!

A to Z of Mattress Terms

Air Bed --  An Air Bed mattress is not to be confused with a blow-up or camping mattress.  Air Beds like the Sleep Number bed contain two chambers of air that can be adjusted to be firm or soft.  The Thomasville Air Beds offer 2 Chamber or 6 Chamber Air Beds for extra adjustability.

Box Spring --  A Box Spring sits underneath a mattress to provide a supportive surface.  Wood Foundations are becoming more popular and are typically used under memory foam, latex and air bed mattresses.

Comfort --  Comfort can be different to each person.  However, comfort should not be confused with support.  Check out the Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Process to find the mattress with right support for you.

Durability --  The durability of a mattress refers to how long the mattress will remain supportive.  Mattresses can vary greatly in durability depending on how the mattress is made.

Edge Roll Off --  Some mattresses have very little support on the edge of the bed, which can lead to a feeling of rolling off the side of the bed.

Firmtop --  Most coil based mattresses are constructed by quilting foam layers on top of a spring system.  The Firmtop is a design where the foam layers are quilted tightly to produce a firm feel.

Gel Memory Foam --  Gel is infused or swirled into memory foam to offer greater support and cooling properties to the foam.  Broyhill Sensura Gel Memory Foam mattresses use gel memory foam for cooling comfort and added support.

Hybrid Mattress --  Hybrid mattresses can refer to a coil based mattress that includes memory foam in the quilt.  Or hybrid mattresses can feature a combination of air, water, and memory foam, such as the iZone mattress.

iZone --  The iZone mattress is the ultimate hybrid of air, water and memory foam.  The iZone mattress features seven distinct zones that can be individually adjusted for support where you need it the most.

Just right --  Like the classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, finding the “right” mattress for you is not always easy.  The Bedroom Store offers many types of mattresses to suit all types of bears.

Knowledge --  Knowledge is power.  An informed consumer will make a better purchase.  So keep reading and make the right choice for your new mattress.

Latex Foam --  Latex foam can be either natural or synthetic.  Natural Latex is typically more expensive than synthetic and lasts longer.  Thomasville Natural Latex Foam mattresses offer industry leading technology and materials.

Memory Foam --  Memory Foam was developed by NASA for the space program and is now widely used in bedding.  Memory Foam mattresses are known for their outstanding durability and conforming support.

Natural Latex Foam --  Natural Latex Foam is made from the milk of a rubber tree.  There are two manufacturing processes of natural latex foam:  Talalay and Dunlop.

Oxygen --  Laying down but with your head slightly elevated makes it easier to breathe.  Adjustable Bases are becoming a standard part of mattresses.

Platform Beds --  Platform beds come in all different kinds of styles but they all have one thing in common:  they eliminate the need for a box spring and bed frame.

Questions --  Please Contact Us with any questions you may have about mattresses.  We would be happy to answer any mattress related question you may have.

Rejuvenating Air Circulation --  Thomasville Latex mattresses and Broyhill Memory Foam mattress have channel venting technology, which enhances the air flow through the bed to keep you sleeping comfortably.

Support --  Support is an essential part of a mattress.  As mattresses age they lose support, which can cause back pain, pressure points and tossing and turning.  Find the right support for you with the Sleep Metrics Diagnostic Process.

Temperature Neutral --  Sleeping warm is very common problem and will disrupt your sleep cycle.  Gel Memory Foam and Channel Venting are two features that are employed in mattresses to help keep the mattress temperature neutral.

Upholstered Beds --  Upholstered beds come in many fabric styles from faux leather to linen fabrics.  Some upholstered beds are available as an upholstered platform bed, eliminating the need for a box spring and a bed frame.

Vented, Channel --  Channel Venting technology allows for refreshing air flow through out the mattress.  Sleeping warm is a common sleep problem and leads to a break in your normal sleep cycle.

eXceed --  Don’t just buy a mattress at whatever retailer is closest to you.  Your mattress is an important part of a healthy life.  Buy from a retailer that aims to exceed your expectations and helps you find the right mattress.  Visit any of our 14 St. Louis metro area locations and experience the knowledge and friendly service of our sleep experts.

You are unique --  Every individual is unique.  So how do you find the right mattress for you?  Take the Sleep Metrics Diagnostic test and find the best mattress for you.

Zones --  The iZone mattress features seven zones that can be individually adjusted to support each sleeper differently.  Each zone can be adjusted independently for optimal support where you need it most.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of some common mattress terms after reading this post.  Please comment with suggestion of terms you would like to see in future posts and check back soon as we are developing a Glossary of Terms.  Sleep well St. Louis!!
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