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  • Good, Better or Best Mattress Choice

    By Seth Thompson - Sleep Expert at The Bedroom Store in Fairview Heights, IL

    Narrow down the best mattress choices with our diagnostic test

    Mack knew that it was time for a new mattress but wasn’t sure what he was looking for. He also knew that he didn’t want to spend a great deal but he wanted the best mattress for his money.

    When he walked into the Fairview Heights Bedroom Store, he was hoping to find the best bang for his buck. I approached him and after getting a feel of what he was hoping to accomplish, I directed him to the Sleep Metrics Diagnostics test to help me find the best mattresses to show him.

    Best Mattress for your money

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  • Mattress Sale Shopping

    By Beth Hoechst - Manager at The Bedroom Store in Edwardsville, IL

    Shop the guaranteed lowest prices on mattresses

    Over Labor Day weekend Sam and Sue came into the Edwardsville Bedroom Store looking for a new queen mattress. Sue, holiday ads in hand, asked me to tell her about our mattress sale.

    I explained that most of our mattresses are price protected and the manufacturer makes the price.  Sue was determined to get a sale price!  I explained that our mattress sale is backed by our low price guarantee.  Then I told Sue about our current promotions.

    Mattress Sale Newspaper Ad

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  • Superior Service = Last Stop

    By Jeff Messler - Manager of The Bedroom Store in Fairview Heights, IL

    Avoid the Frustrating Shopping Experiences with our Superior Service

    Mrs C. came into The Bedroom Store today. She informed me she was worn out from shopping four different mattress stores before coming into our location in Fairview Heights.  I listened to her experiences from other stores and realized I had an opportunity to showcase our superior service to her.

    I explained what sets us apart from other retailers in the area.  The Bedroom Store has been in business since 1977 and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, which demonstrates our commitment to superior service.  We have well over 60 mattresses to choose from at really competitive pricing, with a low price guarantee, including an in-home 90 night sleep trial.

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  • Find the Best Mattress for Back Support

    By Jason Nickel - Manager of The Bedroom Store in Mehlville, MO

    Welcome In

    Mr & Mrs M. came into the Mehlville location on a Wednesday afternoon. As I approached the customer I noticed that Mr. M. had his head down and looked like he didn’t want to be in the store at all.

    I shook both of their hands, smiled and introduced myself. I asked what brought them into the store today and they said that they were looking for a cheap mattress to replace the existing one. They felt they needed better back support.

    Best Mattress for Bad Back Support

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  • The Empty-Nesters Need Mattresses for Spare Rooms

    By Jason Hessell - Manager at The Bedroom Store® in Kirkwood, MO

    Lynda and Kevin arrived at The Bedroom Store® in Kirkwood in need of a queen and a king mattress for their spare bedrooms. They informed me that they are empty-nesters finally ready to fill those empty rooms left behind by their now adult children.

    Kevin told me they had purchased their existing mattress from us several years prior. He went on to say they bought a memory foam mattress and probably wanted to purchase the same type for their spare bedrooms, but they wanted to see everything we had first.


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  • Too Firm? Find the Right Mattress for You

    By Ron Sharpe - Manager at The Bedroom Store® in Ladue, MO

    Cathy called the store for information on the Tempur-Pedic® promotion in our ad. I invited her into the showroom and we made an appointment to meet.

    Cathy and her husband Gary are seniors who live in an assisted living complex in Ladue and were interested in getting split adjustable beds.

    Tempur-Pedic Mattresses at The Bedroom Store

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  • One Stop Mattress Shopping

    By Tom Speichinger - Manager at The Bedroom Store in Fairview Heights, IL

    Scott and Amy came into The Bedroom Store in Fairview Heights with their family looking to purchase a new bedroom set for their new home.

    They had been to numerous competitors’ stores and also searched online, looking for something in oak, which was of high quality.

    Honey Creek Bedroom Set

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  • An Adjustable Base, BBQ and Great Sleep

    By Lisa Grewe - Manager of The Bedroom Store in Wentzville, MO

    It’s always a pleasure to be a part of a special day as I was with Mary and Richard W. of Wentzville.

    Richard came to us at the Wentzville Bedroom Store to find out more about the option of changing out their box springs for an adjustable base that would lift the head and foot of their existing mattress.

    It was the day of their 54th wedding anniversary. I can’t imagine a better gift!!

    Adjustable Base with Mattress

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