Our Best Price on Adjustable Mattress Sets

Experience the uplifting comfort and convenience of an adjustable mattress set. Elevate your life with a Broyhill® Gel Memory Foam Adjustable Mattress Set today!

Receive free delivery, setup and removal of your old mattress set anywhere in the St. Louis Metro and Metro East area.

couple enjoys broyhill adjustable base

Enjoy customized support for your new mattress with the addition of an adjustable base. Elevate your head and feet to customize the comfort and support of your new mattress.

Air Flow Gel Memory Foam is cooler than other foams

Air Flow™ Gel Memory Foam contains larger self-ventilating openings throughout the cell structure of the memory foam, allowing air to circulate more freely than other memory foams.

Elevate the head and foot of your bed with the touch of a button. Adjustable bases provide comfort and convenience for the modern lifestyle. Elevate your head to easily watch tv, read a book or use a laptop or tablet while in bed.

Broyhill Adjustable Base Remote Operation Description
Adjustable mattress sets allow you to elevate the head and the foot of the bed for comfort and convenience. Learn more about all of the adjustable base options at any of our 14 St. Louis Metro and Metro East locations.
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