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What Mattress is best for a bad back?

Asking "What mattress is best for a bad back?" is an important question, and yet it is a question that does not have a simple right or wrong answer as there are many advantages to be found in any type of mattress.

There are a wide variety of different back issues that could be a cause or an influence on your back pain. These issues can range from a medical diagnosis to simply sleeping on an old mattress or even the wrong type of mattress. If your back pain is caused by a medical condition, a new mattress may not cure your specific ailment but it will act as a predominant factor to allow you to sleep with better comfort while reducing the symptoms of many of the areas of discomfort. When choosing your new mattress, always focus on support and pressure relief that still allows you to enter and maintain perfect spinal alignment.

Many Chiropractors will recommend a firm mattress for a bad back

The majority of chiropractic professionals will recommend a firmer mattress to offer a better lumbar support system while not being too firm that would cause an increase in the probability of creating pressure points that would result in tossing and turning throughout the night.

Choose the right pillow

The choice of the right type of pillow is also a very pertinent factor as the pillow actually accounts for twenty five percent of the body’s spinal alignment. The pillow must be matched to the mattress just as well as the pillow must be matched to the occupants’ needs and requirements.

Side Sleepers and Back Sleepers Need Different Support

Perfect Spinal Alignment for a Back Sleeper is achieved when the middle of the mattress does not dip down too far causing a sagging hammock like appearance. Your alignment upon the mattress should be similar when in a prone position as it is when you are standing with proper posture.

Perfect Spinal Alignment for a Side Sleeper is achieved when the Head and neck are in line with the spine straight down to the hips and though the knees and ankles.

An Adjustable Base Can Add Comfort and Support to any Mattress

Many customers have found that in adding an adjustable base under their new mattress will have a profound effect in regards to the pressure relief, support, comfort and allows for easier breathing for those with sleep apnea or snoring. The adjustable base, when elevated will also aid in reducing the effects of acid re-flux as well as increasing blood circulation.

When the adjustable base is elevated at the head, it alleviates pressure upon the chest which allows easier breathing and reduces the pressure built up in the lower back which enables the spine to decompress and to allow the muscles to stretch. When the adjustable base is elevated at the feet, you will feel a small rotation of the hips and pressure relief in the mid back. This creates an ideal position that promotes better blood circulation throughout the legs and feet. This position also enhances comfort and support.

Try our Diagnostic Test to Determine the Proper Support Level for You

To obtain the basis upon which your individual support needs can be met accurately while offering the desired comfort level that will enable you to fall asleep quickly while awakening refreshed and recharged; we encourage you to answer the questions that can be found here Sleep Metrics.

Some of the questions that you will be asked upon visiting the Sleep Metrics analysis link include:

  • The gender of the occupant, as men and women possess a slightly different bone structure that can alter the effect of the comfort and support levels of a mattress.
  • What is the desired size of the mattress to better gauge the area of displacement upon the mattress?
  • The height and weight of the occupants of the mattress, which will give a greater understanding of what level of support is needed to accommodate the occupant while maintaining proper spinal alignment.
  • What is the positon in which you most often fall asleep in and wake up in to aid in predicting what areas of the mattress will need to conform and contour to the curves of the body and distribution of the mass of the occupant
  • How often does the occupant toss and turn will assist in determining, if there are any pressure issues or temperature issues which are the cause of tossing and turning?
  • Knowing if there are any areas of pain or discomfort while in bed and where those areas are located enables the occupant to understand the importance of their individual pressure relief needs and how to best obtain that relief through having the proper comfort and support systems implemented within the mattress.
  • What types of health concerns does the occupant suffer from as those can have a severe impact in regard to what concessions must be made for the individual specifics as opposed to a general requirement.

It is also important upon speaking with your sleep consultant to disclose what it is about your current mattress that you do or do not like, how long you have slept on that mattress, as well as anything that may have changed in your life since purchasing your current mattress.

Different people often need different support

More often than not, couples have different support needs. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of mattresses that will accommodate those different support needs. Mattresses like the Cube by Broyhill, Thomasville Synchrony Air Beds, or the iZone Z3 mattress offer adjustable firmness on each side of the mattress.

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