Turn Your Mattress Into A Fully Adjustable, Customized Comfort and Support Sleep System Adjustable base

As Pricey As They Might Seem, You Can Actually Get A Great Deal If You Don’t Need All The Bells And Whistles.

Adjustable base great deals

When it comes to shopping for and selecting an adjustable, flexible, or articulating bed base, most folks tend to get caught up in the appearance and design of an adjustable bed much like they would when shopping for a TV or major appliance, and forget to spend time making an educated decision on why they need an adjustable bed and incorporating those needs into their purchase.

Remember one thing- it’s much like buying a car. Most of what you’re paying for, you can’t see. And manufacturers are very clever about skimping on materials and spending more on curb appeal that the real deal.

Adjustable bed bases vary greatly, with more and more manufacturers designing sleeker, less clunkier versions than the old "Craft-Matic" variety with which we are all familiar. Also, our aging baby boomer population has discovered the benefits of having an adjustable bed, which can be inclined to help with everything from back and neck problems to managing acid reflux issues.

But even more interestingly, younger people are buying adjustable bases to make their bed more media friendly. They look cool, have race car lines, upgraded fabrics, sleek legs and all kinds of tech stuff, if you want it.

Whether you’re a video gamer, serious reader, TV or movie buff, or simply need to elevate your legs after a vicious workout, an adjustable base turns your horizontal bore into a flying, flexible, fun, and functional, media machine. All age groups can have back and neck problems, either from the result of trauma, surgery, or occasional kinking, and there’s nothing more pain relieving or relaxing than being able to precisely adjust how your body is floating in space to get the relief you want.

Adjustable bases are also easier to transfer in and out of than most conventional mattresses, and can often be raised or lowered by merely adjusting the leg height, or by purchasing different leg and caster combinations, making them extremely versatile.

Here’s our advice on looking for a good deal, and making an educated purchase on an adjustable base. Don’t assume that you already have a mattress that will work with an adjustable base. Most innerspring mattresses will NOT work with an adjustable base. However, all foam and most coil mattresses will work fine. If you are in doubt, check with your local professional at The Bedroom Store.  At The Bedroom Store, nearly all mattresses will work with an adjustable base. This includes coil/hybrid, memory foam, latex and air mattresses.

It’s What Underneath That Counts – A Solid, Sturdy Chassis, Or Superstructure.

Without question, the most important element of an adjustable base is the superstructure underneath. Usually, this is a steel frame consisting of two rails that the carriage of each adjustable base section rides upon. These rails are attached to either a plywood deck surface, over which a series of layered upholstery is applied, and then the entire chassis is wrapped with a foam rail system forming the outside edge, or perimeter.

The dead giveaway on the quality of a unit is the lifting capacity, that is the heaviest weight of a person and a mattress that the unit can lift routinely. Typically, on a queen base, for example, the average lifting weight on a half way decent unit will be at least 700 lbs.

On a premium base the lifting capacity is often 850 lbs, indicating that the unit is made with stronger motors, heavier steel chassis, and also a heavy duty, plywood base for the platform.

The motors that operate the movement of each panel of the base (there are typically 3-5 panels that articulate, allowing the base to assume an infinite number of angles and positions) are attached to the underside of the plywood decking. The mechanics, including the wiring harnesses and massage motors, are also attached to the underside of the deck.

Massage feature, yes or no?

We generally say, nah, not worth it…but technology moves forward as we know, and that asset in an adjustable base is getting better. Not just jiggling, but pulsing and deep penetration motors that can deliver a massage “like” quality. But, in general, it’s not quite there yet.

Problem is, on a really nice unit with lots of features, it’s going to be on the unit anyway, so you may not have a choice as to whether or not you can leave it off. Fun to play with, and on occasion, you may find a massage feature that offers some benefit.

Modular Design Makes It Easy To Replace Parts And Maintain Your Adjustable Base For Decades To Come

Probably of equal importance in general construction with an adjustable base is whether or not the base is built with a modular mindset, to allow you the end user, to remove parts and pieces that fail, and plug them back in again. Down the road, when the front end “full replacement and full labor” coverage has gone away in your warranty, and you need to replace a motor, or a piece of wiring, or a hinge, the more modular the system is, the easier it is for you the user to either replace the part yourself, or find somebody immediately. At The Bedroom Store, we offer an extended service plan for your adjustable base that will provide parts and service for up to 10 years.


From an ergonomic and ease of operation perspective, look for remote controls that are wireless and back lit when touched, so in the middle of the night, you can operate them with ease. Also, if they are too small, they tend to get lost…sounds silly, but if they are larger, they get lost less.

Also, a good ergonomic feature to consider is how versatile the adjustability features of the base are. Zero gravity positions are popular, but there are no “pre-set” miracle positions that work for every user. You’ll likely hit the Zero G button, and then tweak the bed a bit to get it just right for your body. Also, get a wall hugging unit. This is an adjustable base that you can park right up to the wall, and it will operate in full range of motion without moving the unit.

Legs or Casters on the adjustable base

Another often left out feature is the legs or casters. If you are putting your base on wheels, test the unit out in the showroom, or if you are buying one online (the most popular way to but an adjustable base these days), make sure the wheels are at least 3”, and the caster legs are steel, not aluminum.

Again, weight capacity is often indicative of a quality unit, also, because it is a direct function of calibrating how well the system is built and a manufacturer wants weight ranges to be accurate and feasible, so the unit does not crash and burn under load: our rule of thumb, look for at least 700 lbs total max weight, and if you can spring for it, go for 850 lbs. max weight.

Which Brand Is The Best?

There are many brands to choose from. So, which one is the best? Some are very well known, and respected in the industry. Generally, though, in the last few years, the adjustable base industry has become so competitive, that for a decent brand, you can expect to pay $800-2400 for a queen size unit, probably with free setup thrown in.

Delivery & Set up of an adjustable mattress set is easy

And trust me, you don’t want to set these things up on your own. They are heavy, and require a couple of strong guys to bring them in and carry them to your bedroom to set them up. At The Bedroom Store, set up is FREE and so is local delivery.

The sizes are generally Twin XL, Queen, King. The King is a split unit has two side by side bases that operate independently. This allows for the option of a Split King which requires two separate mattresses.(2 twin xl mattresses are equal to a standard king)  However, king you can actually sync the two side by side bases so they can operate together, to accommodate one mattress.

Warranty, Guarantees, And Trial Periods

Warranties vary greatly within the adjustable bed industry, but they do follow general patterns. Most of the reliable, big names offer good coverage on motor replacement for at least a full year. If anything is likely to fail with a base right up front, it will be one the motors, or an electrical problem. If they don’t fail quickly, they likely will never fail. Major suppliers offer full coverage on parts AND labor for at least a year. This is considered the gold standard. 

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