Queen Adjustable Base 2000


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Relax in comfort and make your bedroom a place of sanctuary with the Adjustable Base 2000. Elevate the head and feet for enhanced support or just to make it easier to read, use a laptop or watch TV.

Enjoy all the benefits of an adjustable base at a great price!

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    Adjustable Base 2000 allows you to elevate the head and feet for greater support and alleviation of pressure on the lower back. Elevating your feet can help with circulation. Unlike other adjustable beds, the Adjustable Base 2000 has arched flexible slats that maximize the custom feel of your bed. Includes an ergonomic hand control to elevate your head and/or feet to your most comfortable position – whether your sleeping, reading or watching TV. Optional headboard brackets are available to attach a headboard. Queen size base supports up to 660 lbs. Fits inside a traditional bed frame. Provides ample under bed storage space.

    • Available in Twin Extra Long, Queen and King (two TwinXL bases make a King base)
    • Elevating your head can ease strain on the lower back
    • Elevating your feet improves circulation
    • Perfect for watching tv, reading, or working on a laptop in bed

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    Sleep Style No

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    No more snoring

    Review by : Linda on 2/1/2020

    God love him, but my husband snores like a freight train. I finally convinced him to buy this and praise Jesus it worked. He just needs to be lifted up a bit, and the snoring goes away! Thank you Lord!


    Reduced acid reflux

    Review by : Joshua on 1/2/2020

    My doctor recommended that I put some pillows under me so I could keep my upper body elevated to reduce my acid reflux. I did some research and found that adjustable bases help with this. I shopped around, and found this. It was easy to put together, but more importantly, it has definitely helped. Keeping elevated has helped me most. I recommend this to anyone with the same problem.


    Helped with circulation

    Review by : Emma on 12/28/2019

    I was pregnant and needed something so I could sleep! This helped with circulation to my feet, and I was finally able to sleep for a few more hours at a time. I slept with my head elevated for most of my 3rd trimester.


    Great for my back

    Review by : Jenny on 11/30/2019

    Sometimes after a long day at work, laying flat just hurt! Someone recommended that I try reclining in bed. Well, I looked around at a bunch of adjustable beds - they were too expensive. This one seemed good, reviews were good, so decided to try it. So glad I did. Sometimes I just let my back relax while I catch up on my shows.


    Not fancy - that's good

    Review by : Dan on 10/28/2019

    There are more expensive versions out there - this is great. I don't need my bed to vibrate and what not. I just wanted something to lift my head up and feet sometimes. I like to keep things simple. I saw some of the fancy remotes on the expensive ones - no way. This is good, solid, quality and we are enjoying it.


    Good quality

    Review by : Eric on 8/2/2019

    Feels solid. No issues with our fancy mattress and both of us on it. We have put it through the ringer. I won't say more.


    Both happy

    Review by : Jayson on 7/9/2019

    Works as expected. We both like being able to sit up in bed without fluffing up 100 pillows.


    Glad Remote is Wired

    Review by : Sharon on 5/7/2019

    Lord knows I'd lose the remote if it wasn't wired. This is a great, functional, reliable. Had it for a few months now. Love it.


    Great bed base

    Review by : Jackie on 4/6/2019

    Wish I'd bought this sooner! We love it! We use it in the evening before we go to sleep to relax, unwind.


    Good adjustable bed base

    Review by : Paula on 1/12/2019

    There are more expensive versions out there - this is great. I don't need my bed to vibrate and what not. I just wanted something to lift my head up and feet sometimes.

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