8 Reasons to Replace your Old, Worn Out Mattress

When should you replace your old mattress?

There are many signs besides just the age of your mattress that it is time to be replaced. Factors such as mattress quality, your body type and your age are just a few indicators that your mattress may need to be replaced well before the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. One thing to keep in mind is the warranty only covers defects, not comfort. Here are the signs that can indicate it is time to purchase a new mattress.

Reasons to Replace your Mattress
  1. Sagging and dipping

    Sagging and dipping is one of the biggest indications that it is time for a new mattress.  Body impressions naturally occur over a period of time and foam and coils can simply wear out.  These sags and dips are not just obvious to the naked eye, but can definitely be felt as well.  When this happens your body will no longer be getting the proper support and spinal alignment that you need for a good night’s sleep.

  2. You wake up sore with aches and pains

    One way to tell if you need a new mattress is if you are constantly waking up with aches and pains, or if your shoulders and hips are sore.  Did you feel fine before going to bed?  Do your aches and pains go away a couple of hours after getting out of bed?  If you answered yes to these questions, you need a new mattress.  This could be for two different reasons.  One is the obvious- your mattress is simply worn out and the coils and foam are no longer giving you the proper support they once did.  Over time, foam compresses and the coils simply give out, which leads to a loss of support and pressure points.  The other reason is not so obvious to many people.  You simply could be sleeping on a mattress that is too firm for your body.  The old adage that the firmer the bed is the better it is for your back is not always true.  The firmness of a mattress all depends upon person’s size, age and overall health.

  3. You are waking up tired and groggy

    So you’ve slept for eight hours, but you don’t feel rested at all.  This could also mean you need a new mattress.  Chances are good that although you have gotten the required amount of sleep recommended , it was not good sleep.  Waking up tired after a full night’s sleep is an indication that you more than likely tossed and turned all night trying to get comfortable.  Instead of sleeping comfortably, your body is exhausted from an entire night of movement.

  4. Your age can play a role in how quickly you should replace your mattress

    A typical mattress warranty is ten years.  However, just because you think the mattress seems to be in good shape at the ten year mark doesn’t mean it is the right bed for you any longer.  As we age, our needs change.  Ask anyone that is fifty if they feel the same as they did when they were forty.  Or if a sixty year old person feels the same as they did when they were fifty.  Most people will probably answer no.  As we age, arthritis becomes more common, as do general aches and pains.  This may mean you are now needing something completely different, such as a memory foam bed rather than an innerspring.

  5. Changes in your weight can have an impact on when you should replace your mattress

    Once again, not only have we aged during our mattress’s lifetime, but many people’s weight also fluctuates.  Gaining or losing a large amount of weight will affect how your mattress feels and supports you.  If you were a larger person when you purchased your mattress and have lost a significant amount of weight you will probably require something softer now.  And vice versa, if you have gained a large amount of weight since you purchased your mattress, chances are good you may need something firmer now and with more support.  Getting a mattress that supports your current age and weight for proper support and spinal alignment is the key.

  1. You sleep better when you are not at home

    Everyone loves the comforts of home.  So, if you find that you are sleeping better in a hotel or while visiting friends or family, it may be time to buy a new mattress.  Sometimes, it just takes sleeping elsewhere to realize that either your mattress is worn out or it is not the right firmness level for you.  Many people do not even realize that it was their mattress causing their sleep issues, aches and pains until a good night’s sleep while on vacation.

Sleeping well on a hotel mattress may mean your mattress at home is worn out and needs to be replaced
  1. Partner disturbance occurs when your partner disrupts your sleep thus deteriorating the quality of your sleep

    If your partner’s movement is disturbing you at night it is time for a new mattress.  There are many beds on the market today that minimizes impact from your sleep partner’s movement.  Memory foam beds, as well as dual adjustable beds can “cure” partner disturbance.

  2. You and your sleep partner have different needs

    Just like partner disturbance can be fixed with a new mattress, so can the issue of you and your partner having different comfort and support needs.  With all of the current sleep technology this is a problem that can be resolved in many different ways.  First, there is the popular dual king split adjustable beds.  Each person can get their own individual mattress which represents their own personal comfort level and needs.  And even if you decide not to go the route of the dual adjustable bed, there are so many other options.  Technology has provided us with airbeds, Izone beds and the Cube bed where you can adjust the firmness level on each side, whether you choose a queen or a king.

As stated initially, many mattresses have a ten year warranty. However, these eight signs that you need a new mattress may shed some light on why ten years is just a manufacturer ‘s number for warranty defects and has not taken into consideration all of these eight points for a good night’s sleep, proper support and postural alignment.

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